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  1. 05 Sep 2014

    Candlelit Movement, Meditation & Chai

    Perth, WA

    A delightfully different way to spend a Friday evening unwinding, don't knock it until you've tried it! BOOK HERE - An evening of...

  2. 05 Sep 2014

    ↳ 07 Sep 2014

    Zenergy Yoga For Kids FOUNDATION Training Course SYDNEY

    Discover the privilege and opportunity of touching the lives and making a difference for children. Attend the Zenergy Kids Teacher Training Courses. At...

  3. 05 Sep 2014

    Post Graduate Advanced Yoga Teaching Master Class with Louise Wiggins

    Crows Nest, NSW

    Post Graduate Advanced Yoga Teaching (PG-TTC) Master ClassClick here for Post Graduate PG-TTC Brochure To register and pay online for Module Two Mind Body...

  4. 05 Sep 2014

    ↳ 08 Sep 2014

    Sandy Feet Rest and Rejuvenate Retreat

    Casuarina, NSW

    Small, 7 people maximum, retreat in a large beach house with 5 bedrooms, 3 bathroom and a private pool and large deck. Avery short stroll to the beach...

  5. 06 Sep 2014

    ↳ 13 Apr 2014

    8 Days Wellness & Rejuvenation Retreat - September 2014

    Skinners Shoot, NSW

    Imagine yourself unwinding, surrounded by the unhurried atmosphere of Byron Bay. Your day begins with yoga, a delicious, healthy breakfast, then you might...

  6. 06 Sep 2014

    ↳ 23 Nov 2014

    Post Graduate Advanced Yoga Teaching (PG-TTC)

    Crows Nest, NSW

    Click here for Post Graduate PG-TTC Brochure To register and book online: Mind Body Online Developed by a Faculty of Senior IYTA teachers, who between...

  7. 06 Sep 2014

    Build your Bandhas, Create your core! with Claire Priestley

    Cashmere, QLD

    This Masterclass is for all levels and will teach you how to activate the muscles, which create the bandhas of yoga. Find out how to build these bandhas...

  8. 06 Sep 2014

    Establishing Unity: Buddy/Partner Yoga

    Fitzroy North, VIC

    Join Erika for this inspiring session where we are reminded to reconnect with our ourselves and with others. This is all about drawing some fun and joy...

  9. 07 Sep 2014

    ↳ 14 Sep 2014

    The Joy of Being - Bali Retreat

    Join Natalie in the traditional seaside village of Seseh, Bali for 8 days/7nights of personal relaxation and inspiration through Vinyasa Yoga, Insight...

  10. 07 Sep 2014

    ↳ 20 Sep 2014

    Canada Yoga Tour

    Niagara Falls, ON

    This one will be one to remember forever... 07 September 2014: Arrive QuebecUpon arrival in Quebec, you will be transferred to your overnight accommodation...

  11. 07 Sep 2014

    Surya Kriya in Brisbane

    Woolloongabba, QLD

    Session Timings 8 - 11 AM 5 - 8 PM (Both sessions must be attended) Surya Kriya is a potent yogic practice of tremendous antiquity, designed as a holistic...

  12. 10 Sep 2014

    ↳ 14 Sep 2014

    Core Yoga Instructor Training

    Canberra, ACT

    In this five day intensive training program you will practice, study and learn to teach a full 75 minute Core Yoga class, blending the ancient principles...

  13. 12 Sep 2014

    ↳ 14 Sep 2014

    Zenergy Yoga For Kids FOUNDATION Training Course MELBOURNE

    Abbotsford, VIC

    Discover the privilege and opportunity of touching the lives and making a difference for children. Attend the Zenergy Kids Teacher Training Courses. At...

  14. 12 Sep 2014

    ↳ 14 Sep 2014

    Cultivating Space Within

    South Australia, Australia

    Come empty Discover the space within Begin a journey into the fullness of life Radha will share the gifts that yoga has to offer to the individuals body...

  15. 13 Sep 2014

    Letting Go Retreat

    Canberra, ACT

    A slow paced retreat to release tension, gain flexibility and let go of lifes worries. Flowing yoga exercises and strengthening postures will help reduce...

  16. 13 Sep 2014

    Functional Anatomy for Yoga Teachers with Kaye Tribe

    Bendigo, VIC

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  17. 13 Sep 2014

    YIMI - First Aid & CPR training

    Toowong, QLD

    First Aid training is an essential component for yoga teachers in Australia and a mandatory requirement for membership to Yoga Australia. This course is...

  18. 13 Sep 2014


    Malvern, VIC

    Discover an oasis of calm Yoga Nidra is a systematic method of inducing complete relaxation physically, mentally and emotionally. In Yoga Nidra one appears...

  19. 13 Sep 2014

    Pregnancy Birth and Beyond

    Caringbah, NSW

    Workshop on pregnancy for anyone who is interested, be it personal or pfofessional. Yoga techniques for planning pregnancy, the different stages of pregnancy...

  20. 13 Sep 2014

    ↳ 18 Oct 2014

    Teaching Chair Based Yoga

    Fitzroy, VIC

    BEYOND THE CHAIR - Teaching Chair Yoga Chair pose is a defiance of spirit, showing how high you can reach even when youre forced down. ~Terri GuillemetsWhether...

  21. 13 Sep 2014

    Integrative Restoration Yoga Nidra with Dr Lauren Tober

    Holland Park, QLD

    Join Lauren on a journey of deep relaxation, well being and self enquiry. Lauren will guide you through an initiation into Integrative Restoration Yoga...

  22. 14 Sep 2014

    Gippsland gathering & workshop with Leigh Blashki

    Moe, VIC

    Adrenal Healing Workshop Restoration from Burn-Out Learn and experience a simple, yet profound Kriya to assist in overcoming the debilitation of stressed...

  23. 14 Sep 2014

    Yin Yoga Spring Masterclass

    Sydney, NSW

    The practice of holding yoga asanas for a long time has always been part of the Hatha yoga tradition of India and the Taoist yoga tradition of China. Yin...

  24. 14 Sep 2014

    ↳ 21 Sep 2014

    Mental Health First Aid Course offering to Yoga Teachers

    Auchenflower, QLD

    Due to excellent research into how Yoga can be of great benefit for psychological wellbeing, combined with the stronger recognition of the work and education...

  25. 14 Sep 2014

    Nada Yoga - The Art of Listening

    Leura, NSW

    When you know the notes to sing...This is a full day workshop with yoga practices that encourage us to listen to our inner music above the chaos of...

  26. 19 Sep 2014

    ↳ 21 Sep 2014

    CPD: Yoga for the Elderly with Swami Karmayogini

    Mangrove Creek, NSW

    You are never too old to do yoga! Satyananda Yoga is particularly adaptable making it suitable for at any age regardless experience or fitness levels....

  27. 19 Sep 2014

    ↳ 21 Sep 2014

    Byron Yoga Weekend Meditation & Yoga Retreat- Sept 2014

    Byron Bay, NSW

    Join our three day meditation and yoga retreat at our secluded rural Byron Bay venue.
    This retreat is ideal for people who have joined us before and are...

  28. 19 Sep 2014

    ↳ 21 Sep 2014

    Sound, Mantra & Meditation Retreat

    Point Pass, SA

    All sound is in the present moment. The holistic energy of sound is the perfect means to open yourself to the spirit of meditation, to find your balance...

  29. 19 Sep 2014

    ↳ 21 Sep 2014

    Women's weekend yoga retreat in Margaret River

    Margaret River, WA

    Arrive between 4-6.30pm friday and leave 3.30pm sunday feeling 5 years younger. Rejuvinate yourself from a busy, often hectic life with a weekend of good...

  30. 20 Sep 2014

    ↳ 24 Sep 2014

    Adjusting, Assisting, and Partner Yoga

    Bendigo, VIC

    This post-graduate yoga continuing education program is focused on alignment, touch, and developing awareness in practice. It is our aim in this program...

  31. 20 Sep 2014

    ↳ 08 Nov 2014

    Yoga for Women - 100 hour Specialised Yoga Teacher Training

    Upper Brookfield, QLD

    Yoga for women is a specialised training course for yoga teachers, mums-to-be and those who work with women and want to learn how to help women with yoga...

  32. 20 Sep 2014

    ↳ 23 Sep 2014

    Finding Support: The Skeletal Body in Yoga with Lisa Petersen

    Warranwood, VIC

    This workshop explores the fluid origins of our bones, their receptivity to change and the key skeletal partnerships that shape our movement abilities...

  33. 20 Sep 2014

    Meditation workshop

    Cherrybrook, NSW

    Everyone who loves Savasana - come and enjoy this Meditation workshop! You will find out how and why meditation works and how to use it to quickly relax...

  34. 20 Sep 2014

    ↳ 21 Sep 2014

    The Power of the Breath with Flo Fenton

    Cashmere, QLD

    Yoga is union. The union of Body, Breath and Mind forms the first rung on the yoga ladder. But how aware are you of your breath during your asana practice...

  35. 20 Sep 2014

    Yoga to Cleanse

    Red Hill, VIC

    Cleanse your body, purify your mind, rejuvenate your soul.In this half-day retreat youll learn easy to help cleanse and revitalize your whole being. Combining...

  36. 21 Sep 2014

    ↳ 28 Sep 2014

    SunYoga Holiday Retreat with Claire Heywood

    Garners Beach, QLD

    Treat yourself to a blissful, week long, yoga holiday at Sanctuary Retreat, an eco-wilderness lodge overlooking the Coral Sea at Mission Beach, in Far...

  37. 21 Sep 2014

    Satsang with Swami Jasraj Puri

    Richmond, VIC

    All are welcome to this uplifting event to hear and imbibe teachings of yoga through illuminating discourse, songs stories. Swami Jasraj Puri is a highly...

  38. 21 Sep 2014

    Assessing posture

    Would you like to learn more about assessing your students posture in class? And then have the tools to assist them find a practice to balance out some...

  39. 22 Sep 2014

    ↳ 25 Sep 2014

    Meditation & Philosophy Course

    Richmond, VIC

    Meditation Philosophy Course - 22 - 25 September. 4 evening intensive. 90 minutes each session. Cost: $60 for all 4 sessions. $20 single session. Suited...

  40. 25 Sep 2014

    ↳ 28 Sep 2014



    * Receive one on one Mindfulness Based Yoga Coaching from Tammy Williams - (Founder of Yoga NRG)* Learn how to incorporate Mindfulness Skills Philosophy...

  41. 26 Sep 2014

    Antahkarana Visualization Meditation

    Brunswick, VIC

    To build an Antahkarana (translated as "inner instrument" or referred to as a Rainbow Bridge) is to understand the nature of the inner world of consciousness...

  42. 26 Sep 2014

    ↳ 02 Oct 2014

    Magical Bali Yoga & Living Food Retreats

    OUR TRANSFORMATIONAL RETREATS Let yourself be whisked away into the magical world of Ubud Bali where you can retreat with Julie Gargano into a peaceful...

  43. 26 Sep 2014

    ↳ 28 Sep 2014

    The Thinking Body - A Somatic Movement Workshop with Lisa Petersen

    Warranwood, VIC

    This is a Level 1 Somatic Movement Education Training. In it we will teach you a series of customised movements that address the three priamary neuromuscular...

  44. 26 Sep 2014

    ↳ 28 Sep 2014

    The Thinking Body - A Somatic Movement Workshop with Lisa Petersen

    Warranwood, VIC

    This workshop is a Somative Movement Education Training - Level 1. We will teach you a series of customized movements that address the three primary neuromuscular...

  45. 26 Sep 2014

    ↳ 29 Sep 2014

    Yoga and Ayurveda for health and wellbeing

    Bundanoon, NSW

    We offer an 'ideal Ayturvedic routine' with early yoga and meditation, guidance for self-massage and senses cleansing, cooking organic food with health...

  46. 26 Sep 2014

    ↳ 28 Sep 2014

    "Releasing all and stepping into a Joyful Journey"

    Wilton, NSW

    The weekend will be about raising the unconscious so that layers of childhood wounding can be healed consciously ... This will be done through:- Kundalini...

  47. 26 Sep 2014

    ↳ 28 Sep 2014

    Weekend Retreat

    Give yourself the precious gift of pausing from day to day life to rest and rejuvenate. Nadia is delighted to be your retreat host and yoga instructor...

  48. 27 Sep 2014

    ↳ 04 Oct 2014

    A Tuscan Autumn Feast for Body, Mind, Soul

    A 7-day feast for the body, mind and soul! Immerse yourself in a luxurious yet wholesome yoga retreat with twice daily dedicated yoga meditation practices...

  49. 27 Sep 2014

    ↳ 28 Sep 2014

    Thai Foot Reflexology

    Sandringham, VIC

    14-hr Foundations No Prerequisites Who doesnt love a good foot massage? In this workshop students will learn to give an hour long session on the feet...

  50. 28 Sep 2014

    YogaCPR - Practical Yoga Tools to Manage Stress and Anxiety

    North Bondi, NSW

    YogaCPR - Calm Positive Renewal Therapeutic Yoga Workshop - Practical Yoga Tools to Manage Stress and Anxiety Do you need to: de-stress beat exhaustion...