About Yoga Australia

Dedicated to the tradition of Yoga.



Our Principal Purpose and powers are enshrined in our Constitution. Yoga Australia was established to:

  • Develop and promote best practice for Yoga.
  • Support and represent Yoga teachers in Australia, from all traditions and styles; and
  • Educate and inform the general community and professional groups about Yoga.


A thriving community of yoga teachers, yoga therapists and teacher trainers delivering high quality yoga across Australia. 


Supporting our members through a well-resourced and inclusive community committed to high standards and integrity in the yoga tradition. 

A brief history

Yoga Australia is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation, incorporated in 1999 (originally known as the Yoga Teachers Association), by a group of independent yoga teachers who recognised the need to bring yoga teachers together from all different traditions, styles and backgrounds, to provide mutual support and professional recognition of yoga in Australia. This was a step towards the development of the independent self-regulation of the profession of yoga teaching in Australia.

Since it was first incorporated, the organisation continues with this primary objective and mission, and has now grown to become recognised as the peak-body for yoga in Australia. It has also gained a reputation internationally for best practice and Yoga Australia registered teachers enjoy international as well as national recognition. Yoga Australia provides a variety of benefits to members, including: professional support networks; access to continuing professional development; access to publications and resources; personal webpage; registration for the purposes of health insurance, referrals and public searches for teachers; and assistance with the promotion of each member and yoga in general.

Yoga Australia is also recognised as the peak advocacy organisation for yoga teachers in Australia. It aims to promote the values and benefits of yoga, and to support teaching yoga as a profession. The Yoga Australia CEO and Members of the Yoga Australia Board are available to provide information or resources to the media, medical and health professionals, educational organisations and the general public.

Strategic Plan

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Governance Statement

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Rules & Principles

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Advocacy Statement

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