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Latest news on restrictions…

Please note, restrictions are constantly changing across Australia and the requirements differ from state to state and differ between regions within some states. We provide summaries state by state in the links in the column on the right of this page below. You will find each state has their own COVID pages and it is good to be familiar with where to look for information when it becomes available. 

Before you re-open after a lockdown, please make sure you have checked the current regulations as they apply to your state. Many states require safety plans and many have their own QR Apps ( and some of these are mandatory). 

The key information to check includes:

  • Density (e.g. 1 per 2 sqm or 1 per 4 sqm)
  • Caps on classes and/or venue capacity
  • Distance/spacing – e.g. 1.5 metres between people
  • Mask requirements
  • Covid Marshall requirements
  • Covid Safe plan requirements and
  • QR code apps
  • Any restrictions on singing/chanting 
  • Any support packages made available by your state or by the Federal Government.

Please follow the advice provided for your state or region. Note, Government websites are sometimes not updated at the time of the announcements, but will usually be updated within the first 12 hours , so check back regularly. We will post regular updates below to summarise the latest news. You will also find detailed information and guidance through the Federal Department of Health and the Safe Work Australia industry specific information for Gyms and Fitness Centres. You will find our reopening guidelines linked to the right.

Covid-19 Vaccinations – preliminary support and information 

We are in the process of pulling together more detailed information and support on Covid-19 vaccinations and considerations for you as a yoga teacher/therapist or yoga business. We will be sending this information directly to our members. It will also be made available on member dashboards. 

In the meantime, there are some excellent resources already available to support your decision making in this area. Here are some of the key links:

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