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Updated November 9 – Retreat specific

For those of you running retreats, it is important to be across the Covid-19 requirements for accomodation providers if you are providing accomodation as part of your retreat. This is in addition to the requirements for sport and physical recreation

Key points:

Holiday homes and short-term accommodation can only be used by: 

  • people who are from the same household 
  • if the people are not from the same household, all people must be fully vaccinated.

If you are not fully vaccinated you cannot take a holiday or undertake recreation outside the local government area you live in. 

If you are not fully vaccinated you can only use a holiday home or short-term accommodation with people who are from your household. 

Masks – Masks are not required outdoors. Masks are required in the indoor areas of a retreat, except when actually doing a yoga class, noting there is a class limit of 20. We have been advised that people attending a retreat should carry proof of vaccination with them when they are travelling to the location.


Updated November 3

NSW is making changes to the state’s Covid-19 Roadmap. There will be some relaxation of restrictions that will be brought forward to November 8 (for fully vaccinated people) and some relaxations that will be delayed (for unvaccinated people) to December 15, or, whatever date NSW reaches 95% double dose coverage for people aged 16 and over.

  • Note classes will still be capped at 20 people.
  • The current settings for masks, which apply to everyone, will remain in place until the State reaches the 95 per cent double vaccination target, or 15 December, whichever happens first. 


Updated October 22 – Masks

The rules for wearing face masks have changed in NSW.

People in Greater Sydney are no longer required to carry a face mask with them, or wear a face mask outside of the home, except in limited circumstances. This includes in an indoor area of premises other than a place of residence, however, people can remove the face mask if they doing exercise outside, in a gym or in a gym class. 

Details here: https://www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/stay-safe/rules/face-mask-rules

Updated October 8 – Vaccination requirements for workers 

Authorised workers  

Authorised workers refer to people who live in adeclared local government area (LGA) of concernand are authorised to leave their LGA for work purposes.  

Check the list of authorised workers.  

Authorised workers over the age of 16 who live in a local government area of concern, must not leave their local government area for work unless they have:   

  • had at least 1 dose of a COVID-19 vaccine or   
  • evidence of a medical exemption  
  • registered your travel with Service NSW.   

 These requirements do not apply to workers on construction sites who have special vaccination requirements (as set out below). Authorised workers who are unable to have a COVID-19 vaccine can request a COVID-19 vaccination exemption for medical reasons.   

Authorised workers are also required to have atravel registration from Service NSW.   

Evidence of vaccination or exemption 

You must carry:  

  • evidence of your vaccination or medical exemption  
  • your address, and  
  • your travel registration from Service NSW (if required).  

You must produce this evidence to your employer, the occupier of your place of work, a police officer or an authorised officer, if requested.  

Evidence of your vaccination can include an:  

Evidence of yourmedical exemptionmust be from a medical practitioner in the form approved by the NSW Chief Health Officer.  

Updated October 7 – NSW on the road to reopening as it approaches at 70% full vaccination

NSW will take its first steps towards reopening as the State passes the 70% double vaccination target.

With the first vaccination milestone being reached, the NSW Government is easing a number of restrictions as part of the Reopening NSW roadmap, which will allow fully vaccinated adults to enjoy more freedoms from next Monday, October 11.

All roadmap freedoms at 70% and 80% will continue to be for fully vaccinated people only.

When NSW reaches 70% vaccination

From the Monday after NSW hits the 70% (aged 16 and over) double-dose vaccination target, eased restrictions will allow those who are fully vaccinated to have:

  • 5-visitor limit in your home
  • access to Gyms, indoor recreation and sporting facilities (excluding indoor swimming pools)
  • visit hospitality settings with up to 20 people per booking.

All premises will operate at 1 person per 4sqm indoors and 1 person per 2sqm outdoors.

People under the age of 16 who are not fully vaccinated are allowed unaccompanied in their workplaces and all outdoor settings, but must be with a fully vaccinated member of their household in hospitality venues (unless collecting takeaways), entertainment facilities,
major recreation facilities and places of worship.

Workers in regional areas who have received one vaccination dose will be permitted to return to their workplace from 11 October 2021 and will be given a grace period until 1 November 2021 to receive their second dose.

Most relevant for Yoga Teachers outlined below:

Masks and QR codes
  • Masks required for all staff and customers in all indoor settings including on public transport, planes and in airports (except children under the age of 12).
  • Masks no longer required in outdoor settings (except for front-of-house hospitality staff).
  • COVID Safe check-ins and proof of vaccination required for staff and customers.
Exercise and recreation
  • Gyms, indoor recreation and sporting facilities (excluding indoor swimming pools) reopen with density limits and up to 20 people in classes.

For more information:

Update September 27 – Roadmap to recovery reveals path forward for all NSW

Under the Reopening NSW roadmap at 80 per cent, the following freedoms will
apply only to fully vaccinated adults (16+) and those with medical exemptions
(staff and patrons). Please refer to COVID-19 Roadmap to recovery fact sheet for full details.

Most relevant for Yoga Teachers outlined below:

Gatherings in the home and outdoor public spaces

  • Up to 10 visitors will be allowed in a home (not including children 12 and
  • Up to 20 people can continue to gather in unregulated outdoor settings
  • Up to 200 people can attend COVID Safe events
  • Those who are not fully vaccinated may only gather outdoors in groups of 2
  • Gyms and indoor recreation facilities (excluding indoor pools) can operate
    with one person per 4sqm, capped at 20 people per class


  • Unrestricted trips between Greater Sydney and Regional NSW will be


  • Masks will remain mandatory for all indoor premises and settings, except
    children under 12

On Wednesday 1 December 2021, the following settings will apply to all NSW
citizens, regardless of their vaccination status:

Gatherings in the home and outdoor public spaces

  • No limit on the number of visitors to a home
  • Density will shift to one person per 2 sqm for indoor and outdoor settings
  • No limit on the number of people who can attend informal outdoor gatherings
  • COVID Safe plan required for outdoor events with more than 1,000 people
  • Gyms and indoor recreation facilities, including indoor pools, can operate with
    one person per 2 sqm (uncapped)


  • Masks wearing will be mandatory while travelling on public transport, on
    planes and at airports, and for front-of-house hospitality workers
  • Mask wearing is not required when outdoors.

For more information:

Updated September 15

  • Stay-at-home order for Yass Valley Council
  • Roadmap to freedom
  • If you are fully vaccinated, from Monday 13 September 2021, you can attend an outdoor gathering in a public space of up to 5 people for exercise or outdoor recreation so long as all those at the gathering aged 16 years or over are fully vaccinated:
    1. You must have proof of your vaccination with you at all times.
    2. You must show a Police Officer your proof of vaccination if its requested.  
  • Fully vaccinated means you have had 2 doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccination or have a medical contraindication certificate issued to you.  
  • The 5 person limit on these gatherings does not include children aged 12 or under.
  • You are not prevented from attending more than one such gathering in a day.
  • If you are not fully vaccinated:
    1. You can exercise with 1 other person that you do not live with, or your nominated visitor (“singles bubble”).
    2. If you live with more than 2 other people, you can all exercise together.

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