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What Insurance do I need as a Yoga Teacher? 

Yoga Australia recommends the following minimum yoga teaching insurance cover for members (click here). Our Insurance Partner is GSA Insurance Brokers. You will need to be a Yoga Australia member to purchase insurance with GSA. You can apply for membership first, then purchase professional insurance after your membership is approved. Have your member number handy when you are signing up for your insurance. 

What first aid requirement do I need as a 
registered member of Yoga Australia? 

A current HLTAID011 Provide First Aid or equivalent training certificate.  The Provide First Aid must be updated every three years. We do not require the CPR (HLTAID009) refresher course to be completed each year. We recommend training with St John’s Ambulance Australia. Yoga Australia members receive a discount of 15%.  

Doctors/Nurses can register without a Provide First aid certificate by uploading a copy of either a current registration or current I.D. 

Why should I join Yoga Australia? 

Our members join Yoga Australia because they want to be part of a thriving and growing community of yoga professionals, with access to information, guidance and support delivered right here in Australia. Yoga Australia members are passionate about promoting and supporting the integrity and diversity of yoga. As the peak professional body for Australian yoga teachers, yoga therapists and yoga teacher trainers, Yoga Australia sets quality standards for teachers, yoga therapists and teacher training. We promote, advocate for, and protect their professional interests, development, and well-being.  

When you join Yoga Australia you become part of an exceptionally supportive and engaged community. We understand that many of our members are sole traders and practitioners, and isolation can be an issue; it can feel lonely and tough at times. That’s why we provide lots of opportunities to connect with others in our community through online meetings, face to face events and through our private Facebook group, exclusive to members. And don’t forget, the Yoga Australia community is always just a phone call, email or a Facebook post away; here to guide and support you when you need it.  

The past year has been extraordinary on so many levels and it has highlighted for us just how much our members have valued having a local organisation here to support them. Last year we hosted over 100 online and in-person events, offering members a chance to quickly adapt to the changing environment and most importantly connecting them to us and each other so that we can work through the many and varied challenges together. We have also been busy providing updates whenever regulations and restrictions change across the different states and territories and sourcing government clarification when needed to navigate these changes.  

To sum up, as a Yoga Australia member you will have access to: 

How do I join and 
what do I need to become a Registered Yoga Teacher of Yoga Australia? 

Become a member by filling out the online application. If you have any questions or concerns as you work through your application, we are here to help. Just give us a call or email us and we will support you through the process. We recommend completing the application on a computer rather than a mobile device. 

What will I need to complete my application?

To make the process easier, have the following supporting documents ready to upload: 

For Provisional & Level 1 Membership: 

For Level 2 and Level 3 / Senior Membership 

The documents above, plus  

  • A breakdown of teaching Hours, minimum 500 or 1000 hours (Template here), and 
  • Testimonials from students you have taught over the 5 or 10 years timeframes, with approximate dates 

Optional for Dual Association Membership 

  • Relevant other yoga professional association membership certificate (E.g. IYAT, etc) 

Can I become a Registered Yoga Australia Member if I completed a yoga teacher training course that wasn’t registered with Yoga Australia?

Yes, absolutely! We understand and welcome teachers who have studied from any yoga tradition, style or who completed training overseas or with other non-Yoga Australia registered training providers. Just make sure to have this Curriculum Table filled out by your course provider – if your course was not a Yoga Australia Registered Course. 
And if you are looking at selecting a training course, refer to the Curriculum table on page 8-10 in this Membership Information pack as a guide to what you will need to cover. 

How long does the 
membership application process take? 

This varies based on the volume of applications we are currently processing. You can also help us speed things up by providing all your supporting documents when you first lodge your application. We usually approve applications within 1-2 weeks, although in very busy times it may take a bit longer. Our membership team will be in touch through the application process if we require more information.  

Feel free to email, [email protected] for the status of your application or membership related questions. 

What are the membership levels
 and cost of membership? 

More detailed membership information on the membership levels, curriculum study areas required for teacher registration, and benefits of membership can be found here. A summary is captured in the table below, along with the annual membership fee.  

Please note there is also a one-off non-refundable application fee when initially joining along with the annual membership fee. 

  • $55 Application fee, if your course is registered with Yoga Australia, or 

  • $110 application fee, if your course is not registered with Yoga Australia. 

Membership Level Annual Fee Requirements Quick Links 
Subscriber / Basic $0 Stay in the loop with a free newsletter Sign-up here as Basic 
Associate $66 p.a. For retired and in-training yogis / non-teaching members Sign-up here as Associate  
Registered Teacher – Provisional $132 p.a. Minimum 200hr or less than 350hr of Teacher Training More Membership Information 
Registered Teacher – Level 1 $137.50 p.a. Minimum of 350 hours of Teacher Training More Membership Information  
Registered Teacher – Level 2 $137.50 p.a. Minimum of 500 hours of Teacher Training & 5 years of Teaching More Membership Information 
Registered Teacher – Senior / Level 3 $137.50 p.a. Minimum of 1000 hours of Teacher Training & 10 years of Teaching More Membership Information 
Registered Yoga Therapist $99 every 3 years Must also be a Level 1 Member, minimum of 650 hours of Yoga Therapy Training completed over 2 years and minimum of 2 years of Teaching More Information on Registering as a Yoga Therapist 


Do I need to undertake and report Continued Professional Development (CPD) activities every year? 
Yes. Yoga Australia requires that Registered Yoga Teachers complete 12 points of CPD every year and Yoga Therapists complete 24 points every three years. Find more CPD FAQ here.  

How do I renew my membership?

Renew via your member dashboard here. Direct debit and credit card payment options are available.  

Please note, payment cannot be taken over the phone. A receipt/tax invoice is emailed once payment has been received.  See all past invoices via the member dashboard under ‘Membership Invoices’. 

How do I upgrade my membership?

  1. Upgrade using the following Upgrade Form 

  1. Upload the signed upgrade form & all supporting documentation to My Documents in your member dashboard 

  1. Once all supporting documentation has been uploaded to your dashboard, email [email protected] and let us know all supporting documentation have been uploaded to your member dashboard’ and your upgrade is ready to be processed. 

What supporting documentation do I need to upgrade my membership?

We want to process your upgrade as quickly as possible. To do that, we need ALL SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS to be uploaded to the “My Documents” Section of the member dashboard. Then email [email protected] and we will get started on processing your upgrade. 

To upgrade to Level 1 Membership, you will need: 

To upgrade to Level 2 or Level 3 / Senior Membership you will need: 

    • Page 2 signed on the Upgrade Form 
    • Curriculum Table filled out 
    • Teacher Training Certificate(s), minimum 500 or 1000 hours 
    • Breakdown of Teaching Hours, minimum 500 or 1000 hours (Template here)
    • Testimonials from students taught over the 5 or 10 years with approximate dates 

How do I find my Teaching Membership Registration Certificate?

In your member dashboard under My Certificate

How do I find my registration membership Logo?

The registration logo can be downloaded from the Member Dashboard, under ‘Need a Registration Logo’ circle icon. 

How do I update my address?

Via your member dashboard under ‘Account Settings’. 

How do I update my name or email?

Via this contact details update form. Your email / name will be updated across all our systems within 1-2 weeks. 

If you need your contact details to be changed urgently please call us on 1300 881 451 or email [email protected] 


How do I find Yoga Australia Events (Online and in-person events)? 

Yoga Australia events are free for members.  
Check out upcoming events on the What’s On page of the YA website. 

How do I access past event recordings? 

A library of our event recordings can be found on our Vimeo page: https://vimeo.com/user40092057. Please get in touch via [email protected] if you cannot find a specific recording that may be private or require a password to access an “on demand” video.  

How do I list my workshop & event on the Yoga Australia website? 

Listing your own events and workshops on the YA website is free for members! Log into your member dashboard, click ‘Your Events & Workshops’, and select ‘+ Create New Event’. Here is a helpful video showing you how to upload your events and workshop. Make sure to read the events posting guidelines to understand the sorts of events you can publish. 


Are you receiving our fortnightly newsletters? 

How do I find a registered yoga teacher training course near me?

You can find a list of registered yoga teacher training course on our Registered Teacher Training Course search directory. then further searching by state or using a keyword. Please note the ‘suburb’ field may be too limiting when searching. 

If you are wanting to further specialise / post graduate teacher training (e.g. Pre-Post Natal, Senior, Chair, Children’s Yoga, etc) we recommend looking at our Approved Professional Development (APD) Course Search Directory

How do I Register a Yoga Teacher Training Course with Yoga Australia?

To register your teacher training or Approved Professional Development course, you need to be a senior level 3 member. Registered level 2 members (with a mentor in place) may apply for special consideration. 

Click here to email us to begin the registration process. Our Teacher Training specialist will contact you to support you through the registration process. 

To find out more about course registration, including registration guidelines, please click here

How do I find a registered yoga teacher near me?

You can find a list of registered yoga teachers on our Registered Yoga Teacher search directory. Further searching by state, style or other keywords is available. Please note the ‘suburb’ field may be too limiting when searching.  

How do I find a registered children’s yoga teacher near me?

You can find a list of registered children’s yoga teachers in our search directory here. Further search by state or other keywords is available.”  

How do I find a mentor or more information on mentoring?

Mentoring is an integral part of the tradition of yoga throughout history. It includes the guidance given between teacher and trainee or student, as well as the ongoing professional and personal guidance necessary for all yoga teachers, at all levels of seniority and experience, as part of the continuing journey of yoga. 

What advertising options are available with Yoga Australia?

Advertising with Yoga Australia is a cost-effective method to reach a large audience of people committed to the yoga lifestyle and teaching. More information can be found here and we recommend looking at our Media Kit for a sample of the advertising options available. Paid Members receive a 10% discount on advertising with Yoga Australia. 

What is the current grievance/complaint process?

Yoga Australia aims to address grievances brought to its attention, as an essential part of maintaining both its own professional integrity and the professional integrity of the yoga-teaching sector. More information on the grievance process can be found here. We recommend reading the grievance process before reaching out to us. You can access Yoga Australia by phone Monday to Friday 9-5pm, 1300 881 451 or you can email [email protected]

Everything discussed is kept completely confidential. 

See the guiding Yoga Australia Rules and Principles to better understand our: 

  • Membership Obligations 
  • Statement of Ethics 
  • Code of Professional Conduct 
  • Scope of Practice 
  • Member Statement 
  • Student Teacher Relationship 
  • Grievances 
  • Duty of Care 

Can’t find your answers here?

Feel free to call us Monday to Friday 9-5pm (AEST) on, 1300 881 451 or email [email protected] 

Updated April 26, 2021 

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