Applying to register as a mentor

A careful, conscious process


4. Become a Mentor

Applying to become a yoga mentor  

The information on the Yoga Australia mentoring pages will help you determine if this mentoring register is right for you. If you feel comfortable with the details in the Mentoring Guidelines and especially the skills, qualities and responsibilities required detailed on the Who Mentors page, the next step is to make some decisions about the parameters of the mentoring you wish to offer.  

Application and acceptance process  

Once you have read the Mentoring Guidelines and Who Mentors information, there is an application to Become a Registered Mentor form to fill in and submit to the Yoga Australia office. You will be notified, within 2-4 weeks, via email if your application has been accepted or if additional action or information is required.  

Website register  

After accepting your application Yoga Australia will add you to the central Mentor’s Register on the Yoga Australia website. Yoga Australia will also add the term ‘Yoga Australia Registered Mentor’ to your qualification section on your member profile page. This will link to your member profile, which you are responsible for keeping up to date with your mentoring details, experience, availability, fees, style, etc.  

Mentors are encouraged to be clear about the type, extent, and limitations of their mentoring offerings from the outset and to take responsibility for guiding the initial discussion, the decision to proceed and then negotiations about the parameters of the relationship.  

Resolving Issues and grievances  

The extensive Mentoring Guidelines and information are intended to help create mutually productive and inspiring relationships. Please read them thoroughly. In the unlikely event that an issue arises between a mentor and mentee that the two parties are unable to resolve, either or both can raise a grievance with Yoga Australia by clicking on this link. The Yoga Australia Grievance policy and process encourages parties to make all reasonable efforts to resolve the issue directly to the satisfaction of both parties before contacting Yoga Australia for assistance.  

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