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Please note, as restrictions ease across Australia you will see the requirements differ from state to state. You will find all this information via the important websites link below

Before you open, please make sure you have checked the regulations as they apply to your state. Many states require safety plans, some of these are mandatory. 

Australia has been very successful to date in flattening the curve, but we must not be complacent. We all need to play our part in ensuring the curve stays flat! Please follow the advice provided for your state. You will also find detailed information and guidance through the Federal Department of Health and the Safe Work Australia industry specific information for Gyms and Fitness Centres. You will also find our reopening guidelines linked above.

*Breaking news*

Update Thursday August 6, 2020 – Melbourne and Victoria

Re the Melbourne Metro situation – we have nothing further for you yet on the question of whether you are able to record or stream from within your studio. The default position is that workplaces in metropolitan Melbourne are closed unless the workplace is part of a permitted industry. We know many of you have rung the hotline and there have been conflicting answers on this. The position on sole operators, in particular, is an area we are seeking clarity on. Our understanding at present, is that our industry is included in the shutdown and so we would advise as per yesterday’s update, that you prepare to record and stream from home. Here are some further links you might find helpful during these challenging weeks:

Update Wednesday August 5, 2020 – Marshals NSW

Following discussion with and feedback provided to the NSW Government, they have created a seperate category in their industry guidelines section for ‘Indoor recreation, yoga, pilates and dance studios, martial arts training facilities‘. There is no requirement for a Hygiene Marshal in these guidelines, however, a hygiene marshal is required at Gyms.

Update Tuesday August 4, 2020

Awaiting Clarification – live streaming/recording video from Yoga Studios in Metro Melbourne:

We know many of you in Metro Melbourne are wanting to know if you can go to your studios to record or stream your online classes once the new Stage 4 restrictions for businesses come in at midnight Wednesday August 5. We have reached out directly to the Government and are awaiting written confirmation on this. We appreciate your concerns. The uncertainty is difficult. We will update you as soon as possible…

Regional Victoria: From 11:59pm on 5 August, stage 3 restrictions will apply throughout regional Victoria. The restrictions for Mitchell shire, which was already under stage three, will remain the same. In summary this means:

 – Outdoor exercise with only one other person or members of your household

 – When you leave home you must wear a mask or face covering

 – Indoor sports centres including gyms (and Yoga Studios), training facilities and pools are closed

 – Personal training outdoors can occur but with a limit of two participants, in addition to the instructor (Which we understand includes outdoor one-on-one Yoga, with social distancing in place and no shared equipment – and wearing a mask)

Metropolitan Melbourne has now entered stage four restrictions (from 6pm on Sunday 2 August). You can find out all about stage 3 and stage 4 restrictions here.

Update July 30: Regional Victoria 

Victoria has announced 723 new Covid-19 cases today. In his press conference the Victorian Premier Dan Andrews, has announced some further restrictions. For our members in regional Victoria, masks will be required outside of your home. We will update you further as more details come to hand…

Update July 29, 2020 – Changes to NSW restrictions announced…

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has just announced that all gyms will now have to have a COVID-19 officer onsite including those which operate unstaffed.

Under the new rules, all gyms and fitness centres (and we understand this includes Yoga Studios) must: 

Gyms and fitness centres must take all reasonable steps to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. Businesses who fail to be compliant will risk facing a fine or venue closure. Yoga Australia has reached out to the NSW Government for further advice and clarification and we will update you as more information becomes available. We have suggested the NSW Government updates its latest advice to include explicit reference to yoga studios, to avoid confusion.

Minister for Customer Service Victor Dominello said the extra measures are necessary to stop the spread of the virus.

“Without proper COVID safeguards, they may present a transmission risk and that is why we need operators to put their customers first by registering their COVID Safety Plan,” Mr Dominello said.

“Whether it’s maintaining social distancing, cleaning equipment after use or making hand sanitiser available for customers, these dedicated COVID Safe Hygiene Marshals will play a pivotal role in keeping gyms safe and compliant.” 

You can submit or update your business COVID-19 Safety Plan here.

Information on PPE for Yoga Therapists

Yoga Therapists may find the follow documents and links helpful in terms of requirements around hygiene and PPE:

It is always wise to check your local state guidance for specific requirements for businesses, you will find links in our re-opening guidance document or by visiting the Covid pages of your state government.

Breaking News: Metro Melbourne and Mitchell Shire going back into lockdown …

The Victorian Premier Daniels Andrews is currently holding a press conference and has announced further lockdowns in Victoria. This is understandably distressing news for those of you in Metropolitan Melbourne (and Mitchell Shire).

Victoria will reimpose stage three restrictions for six weeks in greater Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire in a bid to slow a rapid spread of coronavirus. These stay-at-home orders will be reimposed from midnight tomorrow night.

We will update you as soon as further information is available…

Updated July 1, 2020:

Please see below for further information for those in Victoria regarding the lockdown postcodes and a grant that is available for businesses in these suburbs.

Breaking News June 30, 2020

Queensland was due to go into Phase 3 of easing restrictions on July 10, but Phase 3 is kicking off this week, coming into effect from midday on Friday, July 3.

On Tuesday 30 June 2020, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced Stage 3 Easing of Restrictions, including border changes.

Sport, recreation and fitness organisations when following a COVID Safe Industry Plan: 

  • indoor sports facilities can open with one person per 4 square metres
  • outdoor sports facilities can open with physical distancing

Maximum number of customers for a business at any one time is determined by the 4 square metre rule (Max 50 with a COVID Safe Checklist when not complying with the COVID Safe Industry Plan.)

For smaller venues below 200 square metres, businesses can have one person per 2 square metres up to 50 persons at a time (Provided contact details are kept for at least 56 days)

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says a stay-at-home order will be imposed on several Melbourne suburbs experiencing a spike in coronavirus cases from 11.59pm tomorrow.

Postcodes for these suburbs are as follows:

  • Postcode 3038: Keilor Downs, Keilor Lodge, Taylors Lakes, Watergardens.
  • Postcode 3064: Cragieburn, Donnybrook, Kalkallo, Mickleham, Roxburgh Park.
  • Postcode 3047: Broadmeadows, Dallas, Jacana.
  • Postcode 3060: Fawkner.
  • Postcode 3012: Brooklyn, Kingsville, Maidstone, Tottenham and West Footscray.
  • Postcode 3032: Ascot Vale, Highpoint City, Maribyrnong and Travancore.
  • Postcode 3055: Brunswick South, Brunswick West, Moonee Vale and Moreland West.
  • Postcode 3042: Airport West, Keilor Park, Niddrie. (Australia Post lists Niddrie North as a separate suburb in this postcode, but the Victorian government release does not.)
  • Postcode 3021: Albanvale, Kealba, Kings Park, St Albans.
  • Postcode 3046: Glenroy, Hadfield, and Oak Park.

“The Chief Health Officer has advised me to reimpose restrictions in line with stage 3 so they will be stay-at-home orders except for four reasons to leave your home.”

“These orders will be effective from 11:59pm tomorrow night and they will run for four weeks until 29 July. There will only be four reasons that you are permitted to leave your house and only if you really have to. For work or school, for care or care giving, for daily exercise, for food and other essentials. They are the acceptable reasons to leave but only if you need to.”
  • Indoor sports centres including gyms (which will include Yoga Studios) training facilities and pools will be closed in those postcodes. You can find out more about the return to Stage 3 Stay at Home for those postcodes here.
  • Outdoor sport facilities will be closed. Personal training outdoors can occur but with a limit of two participants plus the instructor
  • From 11:59pm on 1 July, changed gathering limits apply to restricted postcodes. If you live in an impacted area, you are only allowed to exercise with one other person, or members of your household. This applies even if you leave a restricted postcode to exercise.
  • Local Lockdowns Business Support Program is offering $5,000 grants to help businesses through temporary coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdowns. You can find out further information here.

Updated Monday June 28, 2020

See minor edits to links and information provided below for SA.

Updated Friday June 26, 2020

WA: Your restrictions have eased further. Phase 4 will start on Saturday, 27 June (11.59pm Friday, 26 June).

Key points to consider as you decide how to manage you’re the further relaxation of restrictions and how they apply to classes and equipment are as follows:

  • Businesses will no longer be subject to a defined venue capacity limit. The number of people that a venue can accommodate will be determined by the 2 square metres per person rule.
  • All other specific restrictions on venues or activities, such as seated service at pubs and bars, have been removed.
  • All businesses are encouraged to complete a COVID Safety Plan. (See Phase 4 template here)
  • Wellness centres that provide group fitness classes, including yoga or Pilates, must observe the 2 square metre per person rule. (So divide your studio size in square metres by 2 to work out the maximum number you are allowed. Note, you may find you do not have enough room to fit this maximum number if you space your mats 1.5m apart as recommended. See our matt spacing guide and checklists here.

Here is some further information you might find useful:

Phase 4 of the COVID-19 WA roadmap sees further easing of restrictions related to sport and recreation.

Gyms, fitness and sporting centres can now open without the requirement of supervision, however, these venues are encouraged to:

An organisation that controls or operates the premises will need to complete or update their COVID Safety Plan and explain how the business will take steps to implement the requirements and the advice set out in these guidelines. The business must have its COVID Safety Plan available for inspection upon request by an authorised officer. If your business has multiple premises you must prepare a COVID Safety Plan for each premises.

Other organisations, including sporting organisations, may choose to voluntarily complete a COVID Safety Plan. 

Refer to COVID Safety Guidelines: Sport and Recreation for further information around hygiene requirements.

For venues/spaces where the 2 square metre rule is an increase from local government approved capacities, the local government determination will apply.

SA: You will be moving to Step 3 from June 29.  

Social distancing requirements will be reduced to one person per two square metres. This is how you calculate the maximum number of people allowed in a space. The 1.5 distancing is still required.

Businesses and defined public activities with an existing COVIDSafe Plan do not need to complete a new plan and will be emailed an updated version of their existing plan before 29 June.

Businesses and defined public activities that do not have a COVIDSafe Plan must complete a plan before they can commence. Create a new plan here.

Contact tracing -Indoor fitness classes must still keep records of all attendance as per FAQ doc. Electronic methods of this are permitted (eg scan-in or online booking systems). This is also encouraged for all non-class based businesses.

Exercise Mats and other equipment – 

  • Participants should bring their own mat and towel as per the COVID Safety plan
  • Equipment should be cleaned after every individual use
  • Participants should also clean/sanitise their hands between each equipment use as per COVID Safety plan
  • It is suggested that fans not be used.

Note step 2 arrangements apply until June 29:

Classes in larger rooms can have up to 20 people if they meet a density requirement of 1 person per 7 square metres.

For smaller rooms, classes of up to 10 can be accommodated if they meet the density requirement of 1 person per 4 square metres. Contact tracing forms must be kept for indoor sport and indoor fitness or recreation activities.

Updated Wednesday June 17, 2020

South Australia – Re indoor classes,  if space allows for 1 person per 4 sqm: Indoor group fitness classes remain limited to 10 people. This can be increased to 20 if space allows for 1 person per 7 sqm.

Updated Tuesday June 16, 2020

Victorian yoga studios will be finally able to reopen next week, with the Victorian Government releasing their guidelines for sport and exercise.

In Victoria, from 11:59pm on 21 June, indoor physical recreation venues, including yoga studios, can open with up to 20 people allowed per space (10 per class), subject to the four square metre rule. Participants must remain at least 1.5 metres apart. Key points:

  • There can be multiple separate ‘zones’ within large indoor spaces.
  • Cap class sizes at 10 people excluding instructors per separate zone, subject to 4 sqm per person. See our suggested mat layout for more support.
  • Have measures in place to manage the movement of people through communal areas, such as change rooms, for example staggered class or session times. See our guidelines for reopening support.

Updated Tuesday June 2, 2020

NSW has announced From Saturday, June 13, indoor fitness activities like yoga, pilates or group training sessions will be permitted, and class sizes will be capped at 20 people. 

Refer to the NSW safety plan for gyms for more info

Tasmania has also just eased their restrictions further

Effective Friday June 5 at 3.00pm, gatherings increase to 20 people at a time for indoor and outdoor. Your link here.

Queensland eases its restrictions further. More information here (Scroll down) and here

From June 1 at 12.00 noon. Gatherings of up to 20, non-contact indoor and outdoor sport, includes Yoga Studios.

NOTE: For all businesses that are open or opening in Queensland, a voluntary general checklist is available to assist you in opening safely and you may also find this ‘Return to play‘ checklist useful as it details what you need to do to safely re-start your activities.  


In line with Step 2 of the COVID Safety Australia Plan, the ACT Government has announced from 11.59pm on Friday 29 May 2020, COVID-19 restrictions in the ACT will ease further. Your link here.

Key changes include:

  • Gyms, health clubs, fitness and wellness centres (including yoga, barre, pilates and spin facilities) can reopen with up to 20 people per indoor space at one time if they can follow physical distancing.

WA – Moving to stage 3 as of June 6 

Phase 3 commences June 6. Note 4 square metre rule becomes 2 square metres. This determines how many people you can have in a space with physical distancing.

SA – 10 per class indoors from June 1, note safety plan needed.Your link here.

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