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Frequently asked questions


How do I purchase a policy through GSA?

It’s simple, visit and follow the links for Yoga Australia, from start to finish the process takes less than 5 minutes.

How quickly can I get my Policy Documents?

When purchasing the policy online, your documents are issued immediately after a successful credit card payment.

Will GSA notify Yoga Australia and the Health Funds?

GSA will notify Yoga Australia of you purchasing your policy, however, you must upload the necessary documents via your online Yoga Australia member portal.

What happens with my past exposures if I move to GSA?

The GSA policy provides an unlimited retroactive date, this means all past work is covered under the new policy.

What happens if I didn’t notify a potential claim to my previous Insurer and I move to GSA?

The policy provides extended continuous cover, any claim that ought to have been notified to a previous Insurer, but for whatever reason was not, will be picked up under the new policy.

Does my policy cover me for all multiple clinics?

The Professional Indemnity policy provides  Worldwide Professional Indemnity cover, however, any action brought against you must be dealt with under Australian or New Zealand Law and Jurisdiction.

The Public & Products Liability policy provides Australia and New Zealand only.

Does the policy cover me when I attend Trade Fairs, Shows, Markets etc?

Yes, the policy provides cover Australia wide.

Am I losing any benefits by moving to GSA?

The policy has been negotiated between GSA, CGU and Yoga Australia, there is nothing to lose, only more cover to gain.

I need to have glass cover and A frame sign cover for my Lease, is this included?

Yes, the GSA policy includes full glass cover and coverage for A frames signs on council property.

I need to note an Interested Party, can the policy include this?

Yes, we can include Interested Parties for Lease requirements.

Are my employees covered by the policy?

Yes, all employee’s are automatically covered, they do not need to be named on the policy.

Can I add modalities to my policy?

Yes, these can be added at any time throughout the policy period FREE of charge by emailing GSA on [email protected]

If I need to speak with someone who do I call?

You can ring GSA on 02 8274 8100 and one of our friendly staff will be able to assist you with any questions you may have.

I’m a basic member/subscriber, can I access this policy?

No, this policy coverage is only available to Associate, Provisional, and Full Registered Teaching Members of Yoga Australia.

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