Health funds for Registered Teachers

Benefits to Yoga Australia Teaching Members


As a Yoga Australia Registered Teacher, you and your students can enjoy the benefits offered by the participating health funds shown in the table: Yoga Friendly Funds – Details and Teacher Requirements

We encourage you to make your students aware of these participating health funds and to encourage them to support organisations that support them in their practice of yoga.

A number of health funds require that a teacher be a Yoga Australia Registered Teacher in order for their students to be eligible to receive benefit payment and regularly contact Yoga Australia to verify that teachers are current Yoga Australia Registered Teachers.

In order to qualify to be a Yoga Australia Registered Teacher and for your students to be able to claim rebates for yoga classes, yoga teachers must meet the following criteria:

  • have full membership, (a minimum of 350 hours of teacher training over at least twelve months)
  • have a Current First Aid certificate
  • have a Current Insurance Certificate
  • engage in Continuing Professional Development in accord with Yoga Australia CPD policy
  • ensure that all your teaching locations have been listed on your member profile page
  • adhere to the association’s code of professional conduct.

How Yoga Australia Registered Teachers can assist students with health fund claims

Registered Teachers should encourage their students to contact their health funds to confirm their benefit entitlements and what they must do to apply for a claim.

Most funds require detailed receipts signed by the yoga teacher.

Download a Template

With this template that you can amend and issue to your students, as required. Notice that a member’s Yoga Australia Registered Teacher Number should be included on the receipt.  It may be easier to print out a supply of receipts with your studio/teachers’ details included, then hand-write students’ details as you issue each receipt.

Some health funds require a Health Management form or a similar form to be completed and signed by a general practitioner, physiotherapist or chiropractor.

Some health funds require individual yoga teachers to register with them. For more details of each individual health fund’s requirements, please refer to Yoga Friendly Funds – Details and Teacher Requirements Table.

The requirements and claim processes may vary from one health fund to another. Please note that it is up to the yoga student to contact their health fund to find out their rebate requirements and how they should go about making their claim.

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