Health Funds for Students

Yoga and claiming with Health Funds


Yoga Australia is the peak body for yoga teaching in Australia, requiring high professional standards of its members. This assures the broader community that Yoga Australia member teachers offer high standards of yoga teaching.

Yoga Australia is committed to building mutually beneficial relationships with health funds – with those that already provide rebates, as well as working with those that don’t currently provide rebates for yoga classes.

There are currently several health funds that pay benefits for yoga classes and their details can be found in the table.

Yoga Australia continues to engage other health funds to help them understand the benefits of yoga and encourage them to include yoga in their schedule of benefits.

As a student of yoga you can assist in increasing the opportunities of receiving benefit payments by engaging health funds and letting them know of your interest.

We also encourage you to consider the health funds that do include yoga in their benefits schedule, when reviewing your health insurance needs. We do of course recommend that you look at all aspects of your health insurance needs and the offerings of the funds when making your health insurance decisions.

Yoga, health and health funds

The benefits of yoga on physical, emotional and mental health are numerous. Many people report that practicing yoga gives them an overall feeling of wellbeing.

Although research about the health benefits of yoga is still in its infancy, current scientific research supports that yoga contributes to keeping healthy people well. Practising yoga also supports the recovery and healing of those who aren’t well in their day-to-day life.

Today, many health funds encourage a preventative approach to good health and well-being, encouraging their members to be proactive about their health. Yoga is one such approach.

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