Pop-Up Yoga Studio

a new yoga experience


Yoga Australia’s MELBOURNE Pop Up Yoga studio
offers an affordable, intimate and rewarding yoga experience.

Each term our studio will welcome recent teacher training graduates, this means you have the chance to try lots of different teachers to find the person who is perfect for your yogic path right now. The Yoga Australia Pop Up Yoga Studio will provide you with an opportunity to improve aspects of both mind and body. Regular attendance will help you to:

  • Develop strength, flexibility, and general fitness.
  • Cultivate mental focus and clarity, through mindfulness of breath, body, and inner dialogue.
  • Build confidence and surprise yourself through new and exciting challenges

Current Schedule

The first term starts on 3rd of October

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Meet our teachers

This term we are welcoming two recent teacher training graduates, Vivianne and Victoria!




Having practiced yoga for the past 15 years, across various forms, I decided to take the leap and undertake my 200hr teaching certification earlier this year.  I was fortunate to have come across several wonderful trainers through Byron Yoga Centre and was able to develop my teaching foundations with a focus on safety and alignment.

I have a real interest in the philosophy aspect of the practice and believe it is critical to work with the body, as it presents each day when you arrive on the mat.  Overarching this, I think yoga should be practiced with a smile, cultivating an inner sense of gratitude towards a healthy body, mind and spirit.

I am currently completing my 350hr teaching certification, with plans to gain my Certificate IV in Yoga Teaching in really 2017. My long term goal is to combine my previously acquired BA Psychology with my yoga training and move towards a holistic style of practice working with ‘at risk’ and disadvantaged groups within the community.

In my spare time, I love to cook, enjoy hunting out new cafes, scavenging for bargains in the local Op Shops and enjoying the darkest chocolate I can find!

Style of yoga taught: Alignment based Iyengar/Hatha/Purna. Combining movement, breathe and mindfulness.



Yay Yoga! Ok so the question, “what style do you teach?” I say General alignment based Hatha. As all asana yoga is Hatha, I mix it up a bit, very much depending on what my students are up for.

Over the decades I have managed to injure myself in various ways so I try to bring awareness to students about their own bodies and ask them not to hurt themselves in class and let’s not try to be instagram models.

I don’t say listen to your body, as many people will hear “MORE Chocolate”….hey me too. So I try and get people to feel their bodies. I ask that they be kind to themselves.

My interests are far and wide and I have done many different kinds of work. I have lit the NGV, I also work with dogs, I used to cook in cafes, and I studied fine art. There is more and I could continue for weeks on this, but I won’t.


How it works

Yoga Australia members have the opportunity to take on a 10 week stint in our Pop-Up Studio, often these teachers are looking to consolidate new learnings or at the beginning of their yoga teaching pathway. However you can be assured that each and everyone has the necessary skills to be teaching yoga classes.

How much does it cost?

The Yoga Australia Pop-up Studio is a pay as you feel yoga studio where customers give what they feel the class is worth and have the opportunity to contribute towards a world where respect, generosity, trust, equality, freedom and kindness rule.

 How can I register to teach?

Please note the studio is currently located in MELBOURNE.

You must be an active Provisional or Full Registered Teaching Member to be eligible. You can register your interest through your Yoga Australia member portal.  Please ensure your contact details and profile are up-to-date as your studio scheduling team will refer to this as part of your application.


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