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Jenny P

For the past nine months I have been on a journey with cancer. During this period friends suggested that I try the Renew and Restore classes to help ease the pain. I started coming to the classes about 4 months ago and they are now a highlight of my week. I usually arrive in pain, sometimes wondering whether or not I can get through the class and then not more than 15 minutes into the session I can actually feel the pain draining away. By the end of the meditation period I am not only pain free but also in a calmer, happier state of mind. The classes have encouraged me to incorporate meditation into my lifestyle. Thank you to Waverley Yoga Studio for the wonderful Renew and Restore Yoga classes and a special thanks to Mary for her kind and gentle instruction.


Since starting yoga with the Beginners course at Waverley Yoga Studio nearly three years ago, I have become an avid fan. I took up Yoga to hopefully help with a troublesome back and with regular weekly practice I find I no longer have any issues with my back. Yoga is fabulous for keeping one stretched and flexible plus strengthening all the muscles. I have also found the relaxation and meditation side of yoga to be beneficial as well. When feeling bombarded with every day life you realize you can make your mind calm down and then things seem not so bad. One of the best parts of every class is the practise of Shavasana or Corpse pose at the start. After a busy day it is perfect to lie down, relax and just be.

Shirley H

Waverley Yoga Studio is a harmonious space with a special feel about it. Here people of all ages and abilities are nurtured to practice yoga at their own level and to improve their skills at their own pace. Sally and all her teachers are inspiring and I personally have travelled a wonderful road at Waverley Yoga Studio since I started in 2003. I look forward to all my visits and practices.

Robyn G

After 5 years of attending Waverley Yoga Studio, I have greatly improved my strength and focus. I always feel better after attending and my husband also encourages me to go along as he says I am much happier after a yoga class.

Natalie F

I have been attending Waverley Yoga Studio for almost 10 years now, and I go once a week without fail. The class timetable is more flexible, extensive and user friendly than other studios with so many classes to choose from (day/night, & 7 days a week) you can always find one that you can make it to, and you are not held down to the same class time each week. I have utilised the mother and baby classes, restore and renew classes, learn to meditate classes and gentler and stronger classes as my personal needs have changed over the years. The mother and baby classes are particularly unique, Sally has held my crying babies during the class, to give me a some relief and a chance to get some yoga practice in, including waiting with my sleeping baby at the end of the class, while I ran across the road to get some milk and bread from the supermarket! Could you ask for anything more?! The fees are very reasonable and the best value in the area, and haven't increased unnecessarily over the years. Sally and the teachers always cater for your individual needs during classes, and they feel more like friends than instructors.

Deb Barrett

I first attended a class presented by Naomi approximately three years ago at Coolangatta and then regularly attended her classes as they provided me with all the aspects that I enjoyed in yoga and I learned about 'turning my mind off during class'. When Naomi commenced her own classes, I followed her to the new venue and continued to attend classes with her. She showed an interest in any conditions that may have prevented those attending the class from performing a particular asana and always took the time to show them another asana which they could do. If someone required adjustment within a pose, she would describe the pose again and the attendees could adjust or she would discreetly assist the attendee with the pose. Naomi would also show several levels for an asana which enabled us to practice at our own level of comfort. She has a pleasant demeanor, personable and was always happy and available to discuss any questions that the class had. If anyone did discuss their personal life she would remember and ask how this went, eg a wedding, holiday etc Naomi's love and respect of yoga is obvious when she presents a class.

Mara North

I know Naomi Kerr as a yoga teacher ,whose classes I attended for almost a year in 2012. Naomi was always welcoming to each individual student and gave each student personal attention when they required it. There was encouragement, but no pressure to perform poses that were new and Naomi always demonstrated what to do in a step by step manner to make it easy to learn. She was very organised with equipment ready that was needed for each session eg.blocks and belts etc .and always had a nutritious fruit ball to give us at the end of the session to reboost our energy. I would recommend her as being a competent yoga teacher and as a caring, friendly person.

Jo Wingett

I've been practising Yoga with Naomi Carroll for almost three years in group sessions at my workplace. From the onset, her classes quickly grew in popularity amongst my colleagues and are consistently filled. Naomi's deep knowledge and calm assurance flows through her lessons as she confidently caters for all levels in a motivating way. I've always been impressed by her professionalism and skilful teaching, but what makes me yearn for her lessons are the personal touches. Naomi always attends to my needs with compassion, asking me prior to the lesson if I have any concerns or requests, and keeping a very close eye on me (and the other students) during our practise. Often she realigns or extends a pose with her comforting hands and body. Every lesson is ended with one of Naomi's home made energy balls which is always a welcome treat. Naomi is a skilled practitioner and is highly respected for her grace and passion. She has definitely instilled a love of yoga in me and my co-workers.

Sarah Nolan

I love going to pregnancy yoga with Kassie. I feel so much better for it every time, mentally and physically. I can move so much better after the session and my whole body thanks me especially my back!


"Annabelle's approach to teaching yoga is exceptional. Her informative classes are challenging and nurturing in equal measure. Using her intuitive gift for teaching, she meets the individual needs of her students. She draws upon her well of patient creativity to adapt yogic practice, where physical constraints exist."


I felt safe and supported during the mindfulness meditation and yoga retreats with NeLi. Her kindness and compassion as a human being creates this environment. She teaches yoga in a way that invites participation and inquiry. Its ok for me to be exactly as I am, body and mind. I am ok to rest in either child pose or dog pose depending on how my body is doing in that moment. It was also a relief to allow any mind states to simply be themselves too. Ive been able to utilise some great tools to navigate through life. It was also fun to learn yoga dance!

Amanda Robertson

I love yoga with Lori, she makes you feel so relaxed and gives you options to suit your level and experience with yoga. She has the most amazing meditation at the end of your session and she never rushes though it (its my favourite part) You never feel rushed through your movement's, she is the best yoga instructor i have ever had and can not recommend her classes enough.

Matthew Bond

I attended one of Lori's yoga classes and loved it! Lori's energy is beautiful and her love of yoga was easy to see and feel. Lori's understandings and explanation of the moves as we went through the poses was exceptional. Because of Lori I released a lot of held in energy that I didn't know I had. Love your work Lori!!!

Chris Shaw

I have done many yoga classes with Lori at her private home. I can honestly say that after each session my overall well-being had improved, my sleep and the way I felt the following day and days that followed. I would have no hesitation in recommending in joining Lori for her yoga classes. A very professional yoga teacher where you walk away a very contented pupil.

Leanne Peters

I always look forward to Yoga with Lori. I feel so much better after a class and my body feels more switched on since starting. I get a good workout and a lovely relax at the end. Lori is great with instructions and has options for all levels. You can really tell Lori loves yoga and loves to teach it. You will always feel welcome in her class.

Amanda Woods

Lori is hands down the best yoga teacher I've come across. She articulates so well and how she remembers the traditional names for the poses amazes me. I feel like not only does my body get a good work out during her classes, I actually learn something about yoga as well. She is incredibly passionate and it really shines through. I recommend her to everyone!

Michelle Southern

Highly recommended Yoga class! I have been doing yoga for 5 years now and can honestly say that Lori's class is one of the best I have ever been to. From the moment you enter the class the experience becomes a feast for your senses - mind, body and soul. The vibe is welcoming and friendly. Lori's classes are more than stretching and exercise. She offers the yogic philosophy throughout the practice and introduces mindful insights along the way. Such a perfect break away from my busy schedule and a beautiful way to rejuvenate. Thank you Lori!

David Quinn

Friendly, easy going and happy to repeat instructions if you get lost or confused (me constantly!). Makes you feel comfortable and really miss when you don't get back for more than a week. Calming and even though you can feel like you have been wrung out, it it leaves you feeling happy you took time for yourself. Feeling more flexible and having a lot less body aches is an expected benefit, the mind and spirit healing is something I didn't expect to be such a recognizable thing. Give Lori a go!

Annette Drummond-Hills

My husband and I are really enjoying Lori's yoga classes. She explains everything well, does yoga to suit our level and creates a very friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

Jenny Clifton

Yoga with Lori is fun and relaxed and she creates a welcoming atmosphere. She takes the time to get to know the people in her classes to ensure she can adjust the program to suit everyones ability. I have a leg injury and Lori always gives me adjusted poses to ensure I maximise the most from my practice yet support my thigh.

Britt Allen Gintzburger

Lori not only leads a class that flows and satisfies, she's funny, friendly and warm. All you need :)

Kyla Messina

Yoga with Lori is the one class Ive stuck with consistently while others I go to once or twice and they just dont feel right. Lori isnt about how flexible you can be, she teaches you strength and ease of movement. There is no body shaming and as a bigger girl I can complete (to my own level) majority of what Lori throws at me and if I cant do it we still celebrate what I can do. Loris meditation relaxes you in a way that I can nod off at the start and at the end of our sessions. I look forward to Yoga every week...its my one consistent Self Care.

Meghan Cooper

Yoga with Lori is both exhilarating and relaxing at the same time. I have been practising with Lori for over 6 months and the benefits I feel both in mind and body are noticeable. Lori's classes are varied, interesting and challenging. She creates such a relaxing and safe atmosphere, whilst also allowing you to push yourself. I love Yoga with Lori; I wouldn't practise with anyone else!!

Ina M francis

As age-old pains were dominating my body, this Therapy Chair Yoga gave me a new lease on life. i can now move with better poise and confidence. Mobility has extended my enjoyment for life and independence. I am 90 years old.

Samantha Laidlaw

I'm a long-time student of Janie Simmonds (HeartEase Yoga) and have been attending her classes since 2010. Prior to Janie's classes, I had predominantly attended yoga/fusion style classes at gyms and the difference in attending a dedicated class with a teacher who teaches the traditional modality of Hatha and Yin styles gave me a much greater understanding of my practice. Janie always connects the dots between the what (movement) and the why (philosophy or anatomy) which I really appreciate. She is also aware of my own personal limitations due to past injury, and provides variations to match my ability. I highly recommend Janie's classes!

Wendy List

3.2.21 With Jane's calm guidance, I have returned to yoga practice after many years. I have found that the heartease yoga, or chair yoga, that she teaches is perfect for me, an older person who was no longer attracted to the regular practice of yoga. In such a class I would have been trying to keep up and struggling to get any benefit. Jane has built up my confidence and my strength to the stage where I am looking forward to getting off the chair and returning to the mat .. we aim to do that before the end of this term. I feel I am almost ready to do that, confident in the knowledge that she will only expect what can be accomplished with 'ease' and that my efforts will be encouraged at all times. With her warmth and friendliness, and her understanding that many of us are no longer as fit as we were .. Jane provides a welcoming environment and her knowledge of our bodies, what they can do and where to push and where to retreat, creates a place where whatever you can do is good enough, but there is always the possibility that there is more! I am enjoying Jane's class enormously and I (and my body) am so very grateful that I have found her.

Jacki Manning

My name is Jacqueline Manning & I am seventy two years of age . I have been attending HeartEase Therapy Chair Yoga ,with Janie Simmonds for the past twelve months, I have found benefits of the Chair Yoga are improvements in my mobility, flexibility & my mental well-being. Janie prepares for each lesson thoroughly,which is quite evident ,gives individual care & encouragement as needed throughout the class . She is a true professional & I consider myself very fortunate to be able to participate in the Chair Yoga classes.

Camilla Hall

Janie is a wonderful teacher, come friend. Janie was the special person who introduced me to Yoga in 2010. The experience opened my mind to another world, another way of being. Ive since become a teacher and studio owner myself; Im deeply appreciative to Janie for this life-changing introduction. Her depth of knowledge, forever flourishing ambition and excitement towards yoga and the holistic power within yoga itself is truly inspiring. In 2013, after completing my Yoga and Integrative Medicine training, Janie took me under her wing, saw potential within me and kindly offered me one of my first teaching positions. Within this position, Janie mentored me, guiding me through the field of Chair Therapy Yoga; with a focus on Cardiovascular Yoga for Seniors. It was such a rewarding position as I gained much knowledge, compassion and experience over the two years. I have remained in touch with Janie despite the geographical distance now between us, and am proud to call her my friend. Every time we speak, Im excited to hear about her new learnings, and how she is implementing these within her classroom and own practice. I am forever grateful for Janies gentle, knowledgeable guidance she passed on to me and would urge you, if you have the chance, to join her in practice one day.

Sonja Drexla

Testimonial Janie Simmonds Janie is a wonderful Yoga Teacher, I have been attending both her one on one sessions and group classes over the past 3 years. Janie exudes a warm, welcoming peaceful and centred energy. She constantly researches new information on yoga and affiliated practices, and is considered in creating new weekly classes to support and suit her clienteles growth and wellbeing. After practicing various types of Yoga over 30 years, I appreciate the way in which Janie delivers instruction in a clear and kind manner, always checking people are moving to their own limitations, and practicing safely. I love that she shares a beautiful proverb at the end of each class, I always leave her sessions feeling, lighter, brighter and straighter in body, mind and soul. Sonja Drexler Designer and Hospitality Business Owner Gold Coast

Peter Harris

To whom it may concern I have been practicing yoga for over 25 years and am mature aged Janies style of teaching is considered, sympathetic and spiritual She is aware of the needs and limitations of her students and teaches accordingly whilst still embracing the true philosophy of the yoga practice. Her classes are full of information and variety of postures I go home thinking that was a great class Peter Harris

Amaria Corocher

Janie is one of the most gifted yoga teacher I have ever had. Janie is a kind sprit with gentle soul thoughtful and patient. Her tailored yoga practice is a great mix of strength, flow, deep breathing and relaxation. I love my weekly sessions. Her space is perfect safe haven, filled with love and great energy. I'm able to leave behind whatever I was absorbed with in my work and properly focus on my body or my breath or no thinking. I come out of the classes feeling physically and mentally refreshed and energetic. Janie is a wonderful teacher: precise and instructive, and very positive and encouraging.

Annette Ede Gilbert

I have been attending Janie's yoga classes for the past 4 to 5 years at Springbrook. Her style of teaching Hatha and Yin Yoga is very informative. Learning so much about the anatomy and physiology .Janie has a wealth of knowledge. She can adjust so well from beginners to advance . I so love her style of teaching because each week is different. Focusing on certain parts of the body. Her Savasana is a beautiful way to finish. Once again always different. Janie has a beautiful style of teaching ....making you feel very cared for . Namaste

Rosemary Jones

Some ten or so years ago the wonderful door into the world of yoga for me was opened by my first teacher, Janie Simmonds. Janie is a caring, empathetic and intuitive teacher who not only initiated my interest in yoga but also ensured that I was deriving the most benefit from my exercise. Unfortunately she is now living too distant from me to allow me to join her classes but my interest and enthusiasm for yoga remains.

Sarah Richardt

Janie Simmonds is the most amazing yoga teacher I have had in the 15 years I have been practicing yoga. I look forward to her yoga class so much, it is the highlight of my week, especially her guidance in mindfulness and self care. Thank you so much Janie

Frank Hermesdorf

Fantastic retreat, Padmaja Johnson, extremely-well organised! I tremendously enjoyed the different Yoga sessions provided by you and Lisa Thepvongsa, the Ayurvedic consultation by Jyothi Menon, the full body massage from Tim, the interesting meditation session delivered by Giuseppe Liriosi, and the beautiful wholesome and healthy food created by you, Jyothi and Jayaprakash. But this all was still topped by the awesome group of practitioners and guests that offered an amazing company and the most fascinating conversations. I wish to thank every-one for their contribution to this wonderful event and certainly will recommend your Vinya YogaVeda Ashram to all my friends!

Susan Shaper

If you want to change your life for the better, this is the best place you could choose to start

Josie Mezzatesta

This is a very true statement. Same to you Paddy may 2018 be a bigger and better year filled with lots of love, laughter & happiness. So glad I met you, you have been a god sent. Looking forward to many more yoga classes. Thank you Namaste

Morag Local, Perth

I have been studying Yoga Philosophy with Valerie Faneco since 2016, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Yoga Sutra of Patanjali and currently Samhkya Karika. Valerie is an outstanding teacher, her knowledge of the texts reflects her own many years of conscientious study, her presentation of topics and content is simple, clear and thorough, and her courses are extremely well prepared and planned. I was fortunate to be able to host her for a workshop in 2019 in Applecross, where the feedback from the participants was universally positive, several stating that she had clarified concepts that had previously seemed obscure . I have also experienced her teaching of group Yoga classes, {Asana , Pranayama and Meditation. } In this area too she is a skilled, experienced and creative teacher. I cannot recommend her highly enough, she will be an asset as a senior member of Yoga Australia.

Rohit Mistry, Singapore

I have studied the complete yoga sutras [4 chapters] under the guidance of Valerie for the last one and half years as part of a small study group. Throughout the course, Valerie has imparted all her teachings and all her knowledge in such a style that these esoteric texts are taught and questioned until they are understood. Valerie reviews each previous lesson, relates difficult concepts with modern and personal analogies and always has space for any questions. Valerie's effective handouts, Skype sessions and recorded classes for those who are unable to attend ensure all members are on the same page every time we meet. I have also hosted Valerie at True Yoga for a 2 day workshop on Pranayama, delving into its theory and practice. Valerie defined pranayama from the ancient texts, yet taught us pranayama techniques that were ideal for a daily practice. I plan to continue studying under Valerie with a repeat of the yoga sutra course and of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Rohit Mistry, Yoga Teacher @ True Yoga Singapore, student in Yoga-Sutra and Hatha-Yoga-Pradipik workshops from 2014 - 2017, hosted Valerie at True Yoga studio for workshops.

Sally Riddell, Perth

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful session on Saturday. You are a fabulous teacher - clear, measured in delivery and content, and so totally yourself. I'm in awe of your intellect and discipline and sheer ability to fit so much thorough study into your life. Samkhya is always around the edges of how we study in this lineage but I've never before had the opportunity to study it. Thank you. It looks as though we might be entering the same sort of rabbit hole that presents itself with the study of the sutra-s. I love it. As you said, the more you study this stuff the more you find. And then of course there is the sorting and remembering with one's own mind pictures. Many thanks Sally Riddell, Perth, September 2020

Jonathan Marshall, Singapore

Thank you Valerie for your class. And thank you for the inspiration it is giving me to work on my own meditation practice. Very best Jonathan Marshall, Singapore, October 2020

Jill Harris, Melbourne

Hi Valerie, I just watched session 2 [Samkhya webinar] and loved it! Thank you, it all made sense to me. It really does help having such a strong knowledge of Yoga Sutras and I am finding it valuable being able to draw the parallels. I am enjoying having to think deeper about these concepts than what I have done before. It is testing my mind - but in a good way. See you in November! Jill Harris, Melbourne, October 2020

Ingalena Heggen, Sweden

I found your teaching and our discussions deepening my understanding of the yoga-sutra as a text of wisdom and also the practical use of tools presented to diminish duhkha. Ingalena Heggen, Stockholm, Sweden, October 2020

Karl Wischki, Singapore

The emphasis that Valerie places on the yoga practice is the breath. The asanas that we do are relatively straight forward (in comparison to other complex yoga styles) but coupled with the breath control, they become very powerful. At the end of a yoga session you come away feeling stress free and feeling connected to your inner self. Valerie's style and guidance is such that you take responsibility for yourself. Karl Wischki, Singapore, student from 2005 to 2012

Student in workshop, Perth, August 2019

Valerie is a wonderful teacher and I was absolutely in awe of her depth and range of knowledge. I must confess to feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the age, range and complexity of the yogic tradition and can see why people spend their whole lives exploring it. So much more than the physical component alone. Thanks again for organising the day. It was much enjoyed and has expanded my horizons greatly"

Neil Riley, Singapore, 2006

I have attended classes and had sessions with many different teachers but yoga with Valerie was a very different and more rewarding experience. The class moves at a pleasant, not hurried pace, the students are encouraged to breathe into and feel the postures and Valerie gives every student her care and attention. A class with her is joyously uplifting.

Vanessa Ramirez, Mexico

I had completed 2 extremely physically rigorous yoga teacher trainings and been teaching for 5 years already by the time I met Valerie in 2014. Beseeched by my chiropractor, I came to Valerie as a yoga therapy client for advise on my postures. I was injured and in a lot of pain but convinced it was because I wasn't trying the "right" way. To my initial chagrin, Valerie gave me a very slow and gentle practice, which took me on a journey, scary and uncomfortable at first, of discovery of vast dimensions inside myself. Over time, the pain got better, and many of my self-critical attitudes changed. Under Valerie's guidance I have found joy and wonder once again in practice, and in myself. This helps me in life. I continue to study with Valerie, even from abroad, in her yoga sutra courses and her yoga teacher training course. Vanessa Ramirez, 2016

Rhea Shankar, (age 14, 2018)

Learning yoga with Miss Valerie has been amazing. Miss Valerie is always so patient and understanding when I can't do a posture properly and she is so encouraging. I can't believe how far I've come from where I started. I feel like every lesson I learn something new about yoga." Rhea Shankar 14 years, Singapore, 2018 (student since 2009)

Mandakini Arora, private student since 2008

Valerie Faneco is not only an outstanding teacher of yoga but an inspirational person. I have been seeing her for eight years now. Prior to working with Valerie, and over many years, I intermittently enrolled in group yoga classes but nothing stuck with me. Then I discovered Valerie and yoga therapy. I don't exaggerate when I say that I want to learn from Valerie for the rest of my life. I learned early on from Valerie that, as with much else in life, so with yoga, one size doesn't fit all. Valerie brings a solid knowledge of yoga, its philosophy, history and purpose, combined with wisdom, compassion, and patience, to bear on each of her students' specific needs. And she is clear that individual needs change over time so she tailors the practice to fit physical and emotional needs as these change. I often marvel at her reading of health and mental concerns and her prescription of movements and breathing techniques to address these concerns. Valerie is meticulous in her attention to detail, detail that could make the difference between, for example, discomfort in one knee or leg and comfortable movement. Valerie is a teacher and a lifelong learner. She is humble in her approach to yoga. While she already has impressive credentials, having studied with the family of Krishnamacharya and Desikachar in India, and with Frans Moors in Belgium, she often attends courses to deepen her knowledge and engagement with yoga. Given her own endless journey of learning, Valerie is the perfect teacher. She adapts her solid training in yoga practice and philosophy to the nuanced needs of individual students. Valerie has been a great find for me, she continues to make a difference in my physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychic life. And I love the nuggets of age-old wisdom that she shares with me during our sessions. Dr Mandakini Arora, Historian, Singapore, 2016

PT Yeoh, Singapore, private student since 2011

You have been an integral part of my life for more than 10 years, and I am grateful for all that I have learnt with you and because of you, and I would like to thank you for everything. I have grown because of your mentorship, and our friendship. PT Yeoh, Singapore, February 2021

Siew Cheng Koh, Singapore

I took this teacher training course with the intention of helping others through the work of yoga. But it was actually the start of an inward journey towards a better understanding of myself, and I realized that I am the one who received the greatest help. I am happy that this course requires 2 1/2 years to complete because it takes time to integrate the teachings into daily life and it is through consistent practice that inner transformations are able to take place. It also requires discipline and commitment to stay on the path of yoga. I am grateful to my teacher, Valerie, for her patience, timely encouragements and strong faith in yoga, which gave me motivation to continue on this path. As this is a comprehensive course that includes the in-depth study of the various tools of yoga, I feel well equipped as I begin my outer journey of helping others though this work of yoga. Siew Cheng Koh (Singapore & Malaysia), 2012

Celine Chambat, Portugal

I was trained by Valerie between Januray 2013 and June 2015 and it was a life changing journey. During this extensive 550 hours (+++!) Teacher Training program, conducted according to Krishamacharya tradition, I've learned the basics of what I needed to teach in an appropriate manner to my students. For each of the asanas we studied (50 in total) or breathing techniques (pranayama) we studied, we spent a fair amount of time digging what could be harmful for some conditions, when we could do it or not, what would be the expected effects of such practices, and also how we should prepare the body before doing this asana and how to compensate. We learned the basics of building a sequence of asanas that will have the right dosage of strength and relaxation, with the proper warm up and cool down sequences. We've also learned adaptations that should be proposed in some cases or in response certain pain or conditions. Besides and probably the most life changing element of all this was the study of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, one of the most respected Yoga text / philosophy. That really has turned my perspective on many things. Coming from the corporate world, I started this training more with a personal development and self-enrichment objective. I ended up teaching full time and gave up my corporate life and I bet the Yoga Sutra studies played a big part in this! I've liked the curriculum and the fact it was spread out. It has allowed me to digest the dense information from one week end to another (approx 5-6 weeks later). The home studies in between 2 modules was also a great way to make sure the information was well absorbed and understood. Indeed I enjoyed it so much that I am continuing the journey with further yoga studies while teaching nowadays. I've very much liked Valerie and the way she passed on her immense knowledge always in a very humble way and to the level I was ready to take at each step. Thanks Valerie !" Celine Chambat, 2015

Jehanne Phares Hakime, Singapore

I have done the TT training with Valerie, first as a way to learn more about yoga and how to do myself good. In reality it has been an amazing and life changing journey. The pace of the training, the wealth of information and knowledge that were shared and offered, the personal reflection that was required were at the heart of this training. It has put yoga at the heart of my life. it started with posture and physical well-being and it moved into a deepest sense of self, connection to oneself and to the others. I can only highly recommend the journey! Jehanne Phares Hakime, Singapore, 2015

Monique Morley, Singapore, 2021

Passed from teacher to student through direct lineage from Krishnamacharya, the EKA 500hrs is highly recommended for those seeking authentic classical yoga according to the teachings of Sri Krishnamacharya. Valerie has a wealth of knowledge to share with students, covering pranayama, chanting, meditation, postures and Patanjali

Student in Yogini Workshop, October 2019

Thank you for organising this wonderful workshop with Valerie. I particularly enjoyed the blend and flow of asana, pranayama, chanting, visualisation, meditation, devotion and lecture and feel very grateful to partake of Valerie's warmth and clarity.

August 2019, student in Perth Pratyahara worshop

I really enjoyed the workshop and it was so good and refreshing to have a workshop on another limb of yoga. I thought Valerie was excellent, I found her explanations very clear and understandable, particularly for concepts that are not easy to grasp. I really enjoyed the practices as well.

Anika Shankar, Singapore, 2018, 11 years old

"Learning yoga with Miss Valerie is great. I started doing yoga when I was five years old. Miss Valerie is a brilliant yoga teacher. She is so patient and doesn't force us to do anything we don't want to do. She is also very encouraging. When I was scared of doing a head stand, she talked me through it because of which I was able to do it. Doing yoga is the best and one of my favourite things to do." Anika Shankar, 11 years, Singapore, 2018 (student since 2009)

Christina J.

Natasha shows a great amount of authenticity in her personality. She is energetic which shows in her technique and teaching of Classical Yoga, wanting to educate and inspire others. As a great communicator, Natasha is both thoughtful and caring. as she adapts the class to all who come; ages and abilities. I benefit greatly from participating each week - it's more than just a weekly class, it's become a lifestyle.

Rupa O.

I thoroughly recommend Natashas Yoga and Meditation Classes. I particularly enjoy the way she encourages me, and other participants to connect with my breath, ground myself in the yoga poses and notice what is happening in my body and with my energy. I also love the opportunity to explore using sound/mantra with the breath during yoga poses. The benefits I experience are de-stressing of my body, relaxation of my mind and energy, learning to notice my breath and deepen it, and having physical tension released using sound. I have some physical limitations and appreciate Natasha reminding me to do yoga poses within my range and being very allowing of that. This feels very inclusive to me. Natashas enthusiasm for what she teaches is inspiring and makes me keep wanting to come back.

Nadia Perry

I have engaged Susie Taylor to provide yoga classes to me for 1.5 hours a week starting in September 2020 through to today 1 December 2021 with an ongoing commitment into the future. Susie is a caring and committed teacher, always willing to go the extra mile to meet my particular requirements. She always checks in to assess my situation with every class, is flexible with her approach and helpful with nuanced guidance on more than just the basics. I highly recommend her.

Wendy Gregory

I have been learning yoga with Susie Taylor since about Sept 2020 on a weekly basis. Since starting my yoga I have gained many benefits, which are now very noticeable. In particular, Susie has worked with me to regain mobility and flexibility lost over the years. She has switched up my programs as Ive improved and over time worked on the tightness in my hips and legs, my inflexible ankles and the most difficult one of all, my poor posture and rigid shoulders and neck. I never imagined myself getting back to this level of movement and am extremely impressed with my progress. I love how Susie tailors my classes to suit me and my progression she is AMAZING!!

Elaine Anderson

Susie first started teaching me yoga at Redfern Yoga Room in early February 2015 when I was a complete beginner and had never done yoga before. We did classes twice a week here until the end of March 2019. In June 2019 till the end of March 2020 the classes moved to Hatha Yoga Sydney, which I attended once a week. Since June 2020 till present time, we have been doing online yoga classes twice a week. Susie has a very calm approach and goes above and beyond to help her students progress and become more confident with yoga, building our strength. I have a medical condition and Susie researched the best stretches to help me with my pain and not to aggravate it, which has had great success and Im very grateful.

Tim - private yoga student

Cant say enough how great Nat and her Yoga FOCUS classes are. Her classes help me so much. I have done many yoga classes before and Nats are so well rounded with a great balance of everything you need.

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