Mathew Bergan

Hatha Vinyasa

Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher

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Mathew Bergan is the founder of Dancing Warrior Yoga. He enjoyed a professional career in dance and choreography throughout the eighties and nineties and then discovered Hatha yoga in 1989. Mathew completed Anatomy, Physiology and Teacher Training with Yoga Synergy between 1998 and 2003.

Mathew commenced Hatha yoga with renowned Australian teacher Shandor Remete in 1989. He has been teaching yoga since 1990, and set up Dancing Warrior Yoga school in 2003. He has a background in contemporary dance and choreography and previously worked as a Sports Masseur, writer and film maker. He also has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications.

Mathew says, “I am always delighted how yoga can be the glue that brings together peoples divergent professional backgrounds, providing them with a new voice to express their spiritual self ”.

Mathew trained with Shri K Pattabois Jois,  (Ashtanga Yoga), Simon Borg Olivier & Bianca Machliss (Yoga Synergy), Shandor Remete (Shadow Yoga), Eileen Hall (Yoga Moves) and Donna Farhi (teacher and author).

Mathew has also attended master workshops with Trevor Tangye, Richard Freeman, Emma Balnaves, Geeta Iyengar, TKV Desikachar, Simon Borg Oliver and Jasmin Takeshi. Mathew also studied Hatha yoga in India with Clive Sheridan.

Mathew is best known for his unique ability to help students embody their evolving spiritual yoga practice with grace and mindfulness while highlighting a sense of happiness and personal well being as the eventual goal of the practice.

A holder of an Advanced Diploma in Sports Massage, Mathew integrates into his teachings his knowledge of the body learned through 30 years of inquiry into human movement forms including yoga, martial art, Qi Gong, dance and Alexander technique. Mathew has devised a style for those that have yoga on their mind and movement in their bones. His style fuses the kinetic qualities of movement with the muscular/skeletal foundations of Hatha yoga and conscious breathing.

Mathew runs a successful 200 hour teacher training program in Sydney as well as continued education programs including mentorships and workshops for yoga teachers.

"Live your life fully through embodied expression and mindful surrender at Dancing Warrior Yoga!"

what people are saying about Mathew Bergan

Jacqueline Hargreaves - Yoga Teacher

"We've made it back to Dancing Warrior Yoga from Oxford University to celebrate the success of independent yoga schools, like Dancing Warrior Yoga. Running on passion and a life long dedication. Thriving on village vibes in the inner west of Sydney despite fierce competition, Matt (and his school) is a brilliant example of contemporary yoga. Always evolving. Inspiring. Always real. Always accessible".

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