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Registered Level 1 Teacher


Registered Level 1 Teacher

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My start with Bikram Yoga came when I attended my mother’s graduation for her own Teacher Training in the spring of 2013. Both my mom and my brother are certified Bikram Yoga teachers, having completed their trainings in Spring 2013 and Spring 2015 respectively. I took two classes from Bikram himself, and he inspired me to want to teach. I was a highly trained athlete in both track and soccer, with the former having me win various state and regional championships in southern Mexico, and the latter seeing me attend and play soccer at the University of San Francisco. I've had various injuries over the years, and the yoga has helped me cure them and help me become not only stronger, but more flexible as well.

In the fall of 2013 I decided to attended the Teacher Training in Los Angeles and went through the rigorous 9 week course of 2 classes a day, anatomy, and lectures on yoga. It was an experience like no other before. At the end of training I was selected for the demonstration team for the graduation ceremony and I felt honored and privileged for having been selected.

Having spent my younger years in intensive athletic training I took full advantage of a daily double class practice during training and the results showed. By the time I finished training I could perform every posture to a much greater degree than when I started training, and I owe that to a positive mental attitude about class. Class was never too hot, never too cold, postures were never too long or never too short, they were all as hot or as long as they needed to be and that mental aspect has helped me to this day keep a steady and strong practice.

Shortly after graduating I began training for competition, as during my training I had been asked numerous times by other people if I had considered it. I competed in the regional and national USA Yoga competitions of 2014, taking 1st in Northern California and 12th in the national competition. I could not have done it without the help of a strict practice schedule and the help and mentoring of experienced senior teachers including Emmy Cleaves. Emmy is Bikram's most senior teacher, dating back to the 70’s well before Bikram held teacher trainings. Her guidance and very strict teaching helped me learn a tremendous amount of the therapeutic benefits of the practice, as well as the importance of alignment within the practice.

I worked on staff for the Teacher Training in 2014, both in the spring in LA and in the fall in Thailand. I also met my beautiful future wife Binny when she came and visited in the fall training as well. I have taught at a few studios in California including Bikram Yoga World Headquarters, and have also taught in Thailand and Japan.

I am excited to share the mental and physical benefits from a disciplined practice within the studio, and look forward to having students from different walks of like enjoy the benefits of the 26+2.

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