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Post-Grad Training Courses

Post-Grad Training Courses



01 Sep 2018

31 Mar 2019


any time - within 6 months



Covers Foundation Level 1 -3 & Certification Course Level 4 - 5 Practicum Experience Level 6


Angel Yoga

Our holistic, comprehensive training course thoroughly prepares budding yoga instructors to teach all ages in a range of environments – early childhood centres, schools, yoga studios, sporting groups, special holiday workshops, sporting groups and much more. If you work in a child-centric environment such as schools and juvenile health, the Angel Yoga Teacher Training course will qualify you to introduce yoga techniques to help the children you are contact with on a daily basis to manage anxiety, gain confidence and tap back into the wondrous world of imagination and creativity.

Angel Yoga offers Certified Yoga Teacher Training online, making training available to those in rural and remote areas and those with commitments that prevent them from attending workshops. This course certifies you to teach yoga to children, teenagers and families.

ANGEL YOGA on line training is as easy as a click of a button. We will send you links to view our workshops and the corresponding manuals. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your favourite chair. You will however have to roll out your mat to join in some fun activities, asana development and relaxing, visual meditations to share with children

All students finish their training with an internship and weekend practicum workshop. You are required to attend classes and workshops with a Angel Yoga Teacher or, if you cannot attend classes for geographical reasons, you can attend classes with a Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher closer to you. Students doing Correspondence or in remote areas with no access to children, teen or family yoga classes, can access Angel Yoga online classes.

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