Be a Beacon 6 month personal and spiritual development programme

Intensives - more than 1 day

Intensives - more than 1 day



13 Oct 2017

23 Apr 2018


9am - 4pm



early bird or regular for full 6 months programme


Beks Thompson

An in person 6 month journey for women who have been on the spiritual path for some time, who now want to master the art of being without burnout and shine their light, making a bigger impact in the world.

Ask yourself…
… are there things I do that I know stop me from shining brightly?
… am I holding back in life and playing small?
… do I go out of my way to please others before thinking what I really want?
… am I feeling lost, unsupported, tired and confused?
… do I constantly judge myself for not being where I ‘should’ be?
… have I stopped believing in and trusting myself?
… has my spark gone out (or feels close to it)?

Here’s what you can expect throughout the program and to continue for life:

  • Be able to do what you love without fatigue or fear stopping you
  • Stay calm and centred without being triggered in stressful situations
  • Have tools to move with ease through whatever pain or stressful situations arise
  • Be able to balance your work and home life – have the best of both worlds!
  • Create more physical freedom and ease in your body
  • Learn the art of abundance, attracting what you want personally and professionally without the push/pull
  • Live an ‘on purpose’ life with passion, light and love

BE A BEACON gives you the opportunity to truly heal your life in a deep and lasting way. When you learn to be the shining light in any storm, then everything changes; your health, happiness, relationships and career all radiate success!

I created the program to combine the practical with the spiritual in a comprehensive, embodied, validating, compassionate and accessible way. It’s a fusion of art and science, of essential ancient with modern day wisdom.

There are no online courses that you start and don’t finish, no heady or fluffy information that doesn’t translate to the real world, no quick fix promises that don’t last.

Imagine instead, IN PERSON training, support and accountability that creates tangible, sustainable results that will transform your life from one of stress, struggle or shoulds to living with peace, passion and purpose.

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