Breath of the Outback Yoga Camel Trek

Yin and Vinyasa Flow





13 Aug 2017

19 Aug 2017


1pm - 1pm



Book and pay by April 7, 2017 for early bird price of $2297 or full price $2497 by June 16, 2017


Kirsten Mackintosh

STOP PRESS: We now have 3 spaces available due to unforeseen cancellations.

A 5 - day life changing trek in an ancient land, 650 million years old- The Flinders Rangers, SA.

The gift of the wide open spaces is that they nudge us beyond who we imagine ourselves to be so we can begin to see the profound possibilities for our lives and reconnect with the dreams we carry deep inside.

In addition to the hands on experience and bonding with the beautiful camels we will be working on the breath through Yoga.

The quality and quantity of energy you receive, transform and generate is a reflection of the quality and quantity of your breath.

Each day you will learning and practicing breath control techniques to help control the mind, reduce stress and anxiety, increase concentration and ability to make clear decisions, calm the nervous system, assist with better sleep, balance hormones and emotions.

Powerful people have powerful breaths and are filled with 'creative' or transformable energy.

Removing yourself as far away as possible from your daily routine will enable you to breathe anew and have time to practice.

Be prepared to walk 5-10km per day, sleep in a swag under the stars of the outback, eat delicious fresh food campfire meals, learn eco friendly camel trekking methods and experience an adventure you'll treasure forever.

If you are interested in attending email Kirsten Mackintosh, 




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