Introduction to Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy



19 Sep 2018

19 Jan 2019


9:30 am - 4:30pm



Early Bird- Save $100 if paid 1 month before start date


Kylie Hennessy

This is an introduction to therapeutic application of Yoga which will enhance your Yoga Teaching skills and understanding of Yoga

You will learn some of the leading edge body/mind science underpinning Yoga and increase your understanding of the Yogic maps and scientific understandings as explained in the Ancient Yogic Texts

Body/Mind Western Science Including:

Molecules of Emotion- the connecting medium between mind and body
Neuralmyofascia System- connection between the nervous, muscular and fascial system
How our thoughts create our reality- our biology adapts to our perception of our inner and outer world
Quantum Physics Basics- everything is energy

Explore in more depth the Yogic Maps of:

The Chakras- Energy Centres, the Sushumna, Id and Pingali
The Koshas- The 5 Sutble bodies around our true Self
The Vayus- The flows or winds of Prana or energy

Reading Your Clients

Develop your ability to "See all around" - Pariska- observing and assessing your students body/mind to help you adapt your teaching and practices to your clients needs for restoring balance and growth potential.

Learn and practice skills to see your client more clearly:
Darsanam- Observation such including body reading looking at alignment, energy and vayu flow, chakra functioning and breathing function

Prasnam- Listening and questioning including developing your awareness and compassion of the Heart Chakra increasing your ability to be present and see students more their inner light to guide them there

Sparsanam- Touch & physical adjustment including practising working with hands on adjustments with presence and sensitivity to feel through touch and help confirm observations

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