The Art of Teaching: 50-Hour Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers

Post-Grad Training Courses

Post-Grad Training Courses



26 Mar 2021

10 Sep 2021


9:00am - 5:00pm


$995 for entire course or $185

$995 is for 50 contact hours, each module ($185) is 10 contact hours.


Julie Smerdon

The Art of Teaching is a continuing education program designed for yoga teachers who want to stay on the path of learning and set their classes apart.

Designed by Shri Yoga’s Julie Smerdon, The Art of Teaching stems from her desire to create relevant and affordable educational opportunities for yoga teachers.

Modules are delivered over monthly over six months. Complete the full program to earn 50 Continuing Education Credits for both Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia, or purchase modules individually, choosing the modules that will best amplify your teaching. You'll find details of the different  booking options at the bottom of this page.

Julie brings with her over 20 years of teaching experience and a passion for helping teachers grow. The knowledge and wisdom you will receive on the key topics covered will help you to develop the critical skills needed to set your teaching apart in an increasingly crowded industry.

You'll connect with other teachers in the community, grow your knowledge and deepen your impact.

Module 1: Creating Life-Changing Classes:  The Art of Blending Theme & Sequence

  • How understanding your own mission in teaching informs your themes
  • How to come up with compelling, inspiring themes for your classes AND… 
  • How to design a sequence that amplifies that theme 
  • How to weave your theme throughout a class in a way that enhances your sequence rather than disrupting it.  

Module 2: - Words Matter:  The Art of Potent, Positive Communication

  • Effective verbal skills to enhance connection with students 
  • How to create a sacred space, both online and in person
  • Clear communication: How simple language eliminates frustration and helps your students to stay with your cues
  • Managing Classroom dynamics: Effective teaching in multi-level classes

Modules 3 AND 4 - Touch of Grace: Mastering the Art of Physical Assists

  • The difference between adjusting and assisting
  • Different types of touch and their appropriateness in a class setting
  • Less is more – the art of spotting
  • A variety of spotting and assisting techniques to help your students to experience poses differently

Module 5 - The Power and Beauty of Breath: The Art of Teaching Breath During Practice

  • How to link breath to movement
  • The importance of breath whenholding poses
  • Basic subtle body anatomy and how Prana moves in the body
  • The three focal points –working with the energetic nexus of a pose
  • Basic Pranayama techniques and how to incorporate them into your classes

Module 6 -  Embodying Philosophy: The Art of Bringing Ancient Wisdom to Life

  • A basic history of yoga philosophy
  • Tantric philosophy and its relationship to Hatha Yoga
  • What ‘Living Your Yoga’ means to you
  • How to translate yoga philosophy in a way that’s relevant to students in multiple settings

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