YIMI 75hr Trauma Therapy Training


Short Courses - 1 week or more

Short Courses - 1 week or more



14 Sep 2018

21 Oct 2018


8am - 4:30pm



$1099 early bird pricing



"The memory of the trauma is imprinted on the human organism,"- Bessel Van Der Volk              

As Yoga Teachers, we can help trauma sufferers by teaching self-regulation and ways of calming down these tissues through physical and emotional yoga. Bessel van Der Kolk is a psychiatrist who supports any therapy which pays close attention to physiological states. Yoga is one of these practices that works so well because it has been found to change heart rate variability.

In learning to become more trauma-informed in your teaching, you will be focusing not only on the emotional and physical state of your student but helping them on a path towards regaining their sense of control and ownership over their own body and their own experience.

Trauma Therapy Training: Trauma Sensitive, Brain & Neuroscience, Epigenetics & the Microbiome Meditation Teacher Training: Three modules over six days.

Brain & Neuroscience, Epigenetics & The Microbiome Meditation Teacher Training course is scheduled from 8am – 4:30pm on Friday 14th, Saturday 15th, Sunday 16th and Monday 17th September 2018 at Upper Brookfield Retreat with Celia Roberts.

The Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training course is scheduled from 8am – 4:30pm on Saturday 20th October and Sunday 21st October 2018 at Upper Brookfield Retreat with Edwina Kempe.

EARLY BIRD save $200

$1099 until 7th September (usually $1299)

Yimi also offers Yoga Teacher Training, Meditation Teacher Training, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga as well as various specialty courses.

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