Yoga Ed. Children's Yoga Teacher Training

Children\\\'s Yoga

Post-Grad Training Courses

Post-Grad Training Courses



12 Jan 2019

15 Jan 2019


8:00 - 5:00


695 - 795

Early Bird Price $695 - Regular Cost $795


Regina Cruickshank

Yoga Ed.s PI1 are designed for individuals who want to learn how to teach yoga to children or teens. Certified by the Yoga Alliance, our Yoga Teacher Training focus on the physical, mental, and emotional benefits yoga can provide for children and teens. Upon completion of our Institute, you will be fully equipped with tools to help youth build a lifetime of health and wellness through the practice of yoga.

The Professional Institutes are for individuals who want to:

  • Improve the health and wellness of the children/teens in their lives

  • Better connect to their children/teens through the practice of yoga

  • Learn how to encourage the best in their children/teens

  • Make a lasting difference in the lives of youth in their community

  • Focus: Ages 3-12, Grade Pre-Kindy

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