Yogababy Active Birth Training

Pregnancy (Ante-natal, Prenatal and Pregnancy yoga),

Intensives - more than 1 day

Intensives - more than 1 day



17 May 2019

19 May 2019


10am - 4pm



payment plans available


Suzanne Swan

  • Non-residential 3-day Workshop Intensive (Friday - Sunday)
  • Practical  & written assessment 

What you will learn

  • The physiology & hormones of labour & birth
  • Understanding what is an Active Birth
  • Explore Relaxation & Mindfulness skills as they relate to birth
  • Principles of Active Birth: Positions for labour, massage & breath work
  • Understand the anatomy of the pelvis & pelvic floor during labour & birth
  • Partner involvement and preparing for an Active Birth 


  • Registered Yoga Teacher (Min 200 -500 hours) and PreNatal Yoga TT or equivalent; or
  • Midwife/student midwife or childbirth educator/doula. The training will increase your knowledge of teaching Active Birth skills for labour & birth.  22.5hrs MIDPLUS CPD points for Midwives. 

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