200hr Yoga as Lifestyle Medicine

Introductory Programme: Transformational Yoga for Lifestyle Medicine

The BioMedical Institute of Yoga & Meditation

The BioMedical Institute of Yoga & Meditation



12 Feb 2022

31 Jul 2022


Six Months



Upfront Payment Discount; Payment Plans Available.

Delivered online anytime and face to face or live streamed. Live streamed attendance is offered at the same cost as face to face.

200YTT Yoga as Lifestyle Medicine

Yoga Australia Approved training course

Introductory Programme: Transformational Yoga for Lifestyle Medicine

Yoga Australia provisional member


Our introductory 200hr Yoga Teacher Training programme opens avenues into the world of lifestyle medicine. By delivering you the highest quality educational resources through state-of-the-art evidence-based science we endeavour to assist you in creating opportunities for adeptly understanding the imperative nature of the mind-body connection as it relates to well-being in and beyond the 21st century.

Lifestyle Medicine is a rapidly growing discipline that incorporates mind-body medicine, by way of yoga and meditation, under its large umbrella, opening opportunities for registered yoga and meditation teachers to assist many toward wellbeing. As such, BIYOME has developed an approach to both our provisional 200hr Teacher Training and accompanying 150hr upgrade to full teaching registration that facilitates an appreciation for the biological, psychological, and sociological (biopsychosocial) aspects of yoga as lifestyle medicine.

What you will walk away with

Upon completion of this course, you will have the skills to teach a rich and informative, educated class. You will be able to understand and deliver your teachings with confidence, convey the latest research in the field to students, offer appropriate alignment cues, give touch adjustments, and teach yoga postures aided by the use neurological feedback with props and heightened proprioceptive awareness.

BIYOME’s 200hr Yoga Teacher Training allows you to become a provisional yoga teacher, registered with Yoga Australia over a 6 to 12-month time frame. You will then have three years to complete the 150hr upgrade to Personalised Biomedical Yoga to complete your teaching registration with Yoga Australia.
Find out more: https://biyome.com.au/course-pages/200ytt/

Website: http://www.biyome.com.au

Email: [email protected]

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