350 hour Zen Space Yoga Teacher Training 2022

Hatha - with tastes of Iyengar, Vinyasa, Yin, Pranayama, Meditation and more!

Zen Space Samford, QLD

Zen Space Samford, QLD



26 Feb 2022

27 Nov 2022


1 year - 9 weekends & 5-day retreat


$5500 paid in 5 instalments

Please discuss with teacher.

This 350 hour Yoga Teacher Training/Yoga Intensive course will commence in February 2022 and finish in November 2022. Consisting of 9 weekends (1 weekend per month between February and November 2022) plus a 5-day retreat, this Yoga Australia approved training will take you on a journey of self discovery and self awareness to enrich your life in many ways. Successful completion will enable you to become a fully registered and insured Level 1 yoga teacher with Yoga Australia.

You can also take the course for your own personal enjoyment and deepening into yoga.

Course Subjects

The course will cover the physical practice of asana that you are familiar with from your attendance at yoga classes, exploring in detail the standing, seated, upside down, supine and balancing shapes  including forward bends, backbends, hip openers, lateral extensions, arm balances and inversions (90 hours in total). Additionally you will come to understand many aspects of yoga not usually taught at class including:

  • yogic history and philosophy;
  • many types of pranayama (breathwork) and why, how and when to use them;
  • meditation techniques and their effect on your mind and body;
  • ancient Ayurvedic principles and their modern-day applications;
  • yogic physiology with an in-depth study of the chakras and other energy fields;
  • traditional anatomy and physiology and how to use this knowledge in asana;
  • the techniques of teaching such as observation, voice awareness, language and communication, giving options,  adjusting for injury and other needs;
  • and much much more!

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