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05 Mar 2022

11 Dec 2022


420+ hours over 12 months



Early Bird $6415 (payment in full by January 31st 2022) OR Payment term by term: total $6675 OR Instalments option: total $6815 (4 instalments per term)

Learn how to share your passion for yoga
and to embody the modern wisdom of this ancient tradition

Earlybird bookings save up to $400

“There abides deep within our hearts an inextinguishable flame of Divine light, love and life that never goes out…this spiritual flame of the heart is struggling to emerge…seeking the light from which it has come. Its development is the very purpose of our existence.”    David Frawley

At the deepest level, we want to be happy and to feel connected. This connection gives meaning to everything, and Yoga is one of the most effective tools to achieve this.

Grasp a unique opportunity to explore your yoga path with one of Sydney’s most-respected and longest-established teacher-training schools to find happiness and connection in your life. We take in only one small enrolment each year to give you the full attention and nurture you deserve to flourish.


What makes this course unique:

“In an era of short-form teacher training Qi Yoga in Sydney, Australia has been holding their ground, offering one of the few 12 month part time Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Australasia. While there are a plethora of 200-hour courses, many of these training leave teachers woefully unprepared for the challenge of teaching and the highly competitive market that yoga has become.  

This course offers participants a recognized national qualification and gives teachers the foundation to be ready to teach successfully and safely.  

Both lead trainers Mark O’Brien and Joan Miller are remarkable teachers and truly caring human beings who have been long-time students of my approach.  They both fully embrace a model for teaching that fosters self-inquiry, the student’s own inner reference system, and an anatomically safe approach to body movement.  

Both Mark and Joan are devoted practitioners not only of the physical aspects of Yoga, but of the deeper teachings of Yoga which can best be learned from one who is living this path.  I highly recommend this training.”  

Donna Farhi, author of Yoga, Mind, Body & Spirit, Bringing Yoga to Life, and Teaching Yoga.

It’s still one of the most comprehensive courses available in NSW, led by the same 2 (main) teachers who’ve led it for 14 years alongside many other highly-experienced teaching specialists. You’ll get over 100 years of Yoga experience and skill put at your disposal. 

The first part of this course will be all about you: discovering who you are and what makes you tick physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 
The second half of the year is all about how to share these insights and techniques with others as a teacher.

We offer you a supervised apprenticeship to hone your teaching skills in real classes to real students (this is not available in almost any other course) so you can flourish as a teacher at your own pace.

Develop your personal practice and understanding of yoga while learning how to teach yoga with our passionate teachers in a safe, supportive environment. This course has been our passion for over 15 years.

Depth: Yoga is so much more than Instagram-ready asana. It’s a way of living in harmony with yourself and in spirit. You’ll test many different ways to achieve this (because we are all different)

5 outcomes you can expect based on the past 15 years we’ve offered this course

  1. Our Yoga Teacher Training course is nationally registered with YOGA AUSTRALIA  and I.Y.T.A (International Yoga Teachers’ Association). You will qualify as a nationally recognized ‘Level 1 Yoga Teacher ’ with YogaAustralia
  2. Each of our teaching faculty has many years’ experience of yoga, are all senior level yoga teachers with Yoga Australia and relish this opportunity to work in-depth with our trainee-teachers over the course of a year.
  3. You’ll be ready to teach and brimming with yoga insights and wisdom when you graduate
  4. Your own yoga practice and your outlook on life will change forever -for the better!
  5. You will grow and develop as a person in ways you can’t imagine and make lifelong friends who support the authentic you!

Classical Hatha Yoga Teacher Training: what to expect

Yoga adjust 4 croppedThis is a ‘non-denominational’ yoga course, training you in the broad tradition of Classical Hatha Yoga. You will explore elements of several popular styles of asana practice without favouring any one style as you are guided to develop your own individual style best suited to your needs.

Both senior course teachers have studied with Donna Farhi over many years and her inquiry-based approach is reflected in much of this course’s approach.

Our core values emphasize safety and an individualized approach over dogma, and we encourage you to explore your own practice and experience of yoga.

Fasten your seat-belt and get ready to transform your yoga and your life!

Personalized supervision

Yoga adjust 1 croppedOur course is for a minimum of 420 hours over a 12-month period. This includes individual sessions and a mentoring program to assist in real classes. We find this an ideal format to help integrate your yoga skills and principles into real, daily life – on the mat, at work and at home! (Like Yoga Australia we do not endorse short-term or ‘deep-immersion’ training courses and only offer 12-month part-time options to allow time for this process to occur.)

Our Hatha Yoga Teacher-Training Course will deliver you four immediate outcomes:

  • Intensify and clarify your personal yoga practice
  • Gain a recognized national qualification
  • Qualify to get indemnity insurance
  • Gain real yoga teaching experience and be ready to teach


Our teaching faculty are national leaders in yoga teaching standards, with many years’ experience. Our course exceeds all criteria required for recognition by “Yoga Australia“…Meet your Yoga Teaching Faculty HERE


Term 1: March 5 – 6, March 12 – 13, March 19 – 20, March 26 – 27, April 2 – 3

Term 2: April 30 – May 1, May 7 – 8, May 21 – 22, June 7 -8, June 18 – 19, June 25

Term 3: July 1 – 2, August 3 – 4, August 27 – 28, September 7 – 8, September 11, Sept 18

Retreat: Sept 20 – 25

Term 4: October 16, 23, 30, November 6, 13, 20, 27

Graduation: December 4

Our weekends are Saturday afternoon and Sunday allowing plenty of free weekends to be with your family and to integrate your learning

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