Applied Yoga Teacher Training

Suitable to deepen you knowledge in any yoga style, flow, hatha, yin, athanga, vinyasa

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Yoga 4 You



23 Mar 2019

06 Apr 2019


150 hrs



$500 deposit required to secure your spot. Accomodation and meals are included.
Becoming a yoga teacher used to be a process of many years where, under guidance of a ‘Yoga Master’, you would slowly be exposed to the many aspects of teaching yoga. You would be a student, an apprentice and finally start teaching your own students, all while having access to your master’s knowledge and guidance.
In the current practice you complete a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and then you’re ‘on your own’; teaching your first class, finding your way, and slowly improving yourself. Often it is only once you’ve started teaching that you realise what you DON’T know.... How do you deal with the student with a hip replacement? Or with the pregnant lady that unexpectedly walked into your class? Or all the different levels of students in one class? Often you just run your class to your best ability, without too much of a plan to work to, and at home you might research problems you ran into. Unfortunately many new Yoga Teachers feel quite isolated, and the passion they had for their own yoga journey begins to fade under the pressure of teaching too many classes. Only few of us work for a school were teachers are lucky enough to work well together as peers.
This course will help you, in a very practical way, to grow as a yoga teacher. There will be reflection to get an understanding of who you are as a yoga teacher, revisions of anatomy and poses and there will be lots of time to put learnings into practice, receive feedback and ask questions. In short, the Applied Yoga Teacher Training course is an excellent way to:
  • Expand your anatomy, teaching and adjusting skills,
  • Understand how to apply yoga philosophy in your classes,
  • Become part of a peer group of yoga teachers,
  • Develop a further understanding of who you are as a teacher and to develop yourself in an authentic way, 
  • Learn to develop empathy for your students. 
The course is accredited by yoga Australia as a “Post-Graduate course” and is taught by: Anneriek Favelle, Level 3 Sr Teacher Yoga Australia (#1995).
Successful completion of the course will help enable graduates to progress from Yoga Australia Provisional Membership to Level 1 Registered Teacher status, or from Level 1 Registered Teacher status to Level 2 Registered Teacher status. 100% attendance is required.
In total this course includes 150 hours:
  • 100 hrs face to face 
  • 50 hrs practical, comprising of: 
    • 10 hrs teaching observation and assistance,
    • 10 hrs home assignments, 
    • 30hrs specialisation in an area you choose.
The next Applied Teacher Training Program will start in July 2016 and runs over 6 months, one weeknd per month.
Prerequisites for this course are:
  • 200hr teacher training completed
  • Preferably minimum of 1 year teacher experience (or at least 50 classes taught)
This course is suitable for teachers of all types of yoga (flow, hot, asthanga, yin, etc). Numbers for this course are limited.
2016 Dates:
  • Weekend 1 - 9-10 July 
  • Weekend 2 - 6-7 August 
  • Weekend 3 - 10-11 September
  • Weekend 4 - 8-9 October
  • Weekend 5 - 12-13 November
  • Weekend 6 - 4 December
Saturdays run from 8AM to 8PM (lunch and dinner included)
Sundays run from 8AM to 5PM (lunch included)

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