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Thirroul Yoga Shala



27 Feb 2022

30 Nov 2022





Workshop Series

This curriculum based workshop series is designed to reinforce foundation teaching practices and support the ongoing learning and development vital for teachers who are not in regular contact with the school or teacher they completed their 200hrs YTT with.

Each 3hr workshop will cover a section of the first chapter of the yoga sutras ~ Samadhi Pada, chanting and unpacking the meaning of the verses. There will be a topic relating to anatomy and physiology, postural alignment and adjustments. The practical side of the workshops will draw from the sequence of postures in the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series.

Participants can attend one workshop to accrue 3 CPD points with Yoga Australia.

Seven workshops will be run during 2022, each one building on the learning and skills of the pervious one.


1.     Teaching technique

Teachers will confidently lead safe classes with clear verbal instruction and minimal or no demonstration.

2.     Vocalisation

Teachers give systematic and economical instructions and guidance to accommodate a wide range of learning abilities.

3.     Knowledge base

Teachers can draw on a broad knowledge base during classes to creatively incorporate philosophical, theoretical and anatomical insights to enliven students learning experience.

4.     Adjusting

Teachers can offer skilful verbal guidance to students about postural alignment and techniques. In some cases when appropriate, they may offer safe hands-on adjustments after obtaining permission from a student.

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