Energetic Anatomy for Yoga Teachers (Part 1&2)

Hatha, Yin Yoga, Meditation

My Yoga

My Yoga



20 Jul 2019

14 Sep 2019


4 hours each


$75 each workshop


Energetic Anatomy Part 1&2 bridges the gap between ancient eastern and modern understanding of the gross and subtle bodies through the science of yoga. We will explore the physical through to the energetic body interweaving theory and practice inducing a tranquil state of being.

Part 1; 20th  July Theory includes detailed discussion and booklet covering;
~ 7 major Chakras
~ Kundalini
~ Overview of the 10 Nadis, detailed discussion on the significant 3
~ Meridians
~ Koshas
~ Gunas including verses from Bhagavad Gita

Part 2; 14th September Theory includes detailed discussion and booklet covering;~ Overview of the 10 Nadis
~ Marma Points
~ Meridians
~ Koshas
~ Agni Flame
~ Metaphysics; Issues in the tissues

Workshop commences with Theory followed by a Yin Practice focusing on the Chakras and Meridians, including mudras, mantras and pranayama, concluding with a Meditation.

4 CPD points per workshop 
Pre-requisites; minimum 200 hour Teacher Training
Part 1 is not a pre-requisite for Part 2 though is advised.

Who is this workshop for?
These workshops are included in My Yoga Level 1 350hrs Teacher Training, and are open to existing Yoga Teachers who are looking to refresh and progress past learnings.
Bookings essential

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