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Living Yoga Therapy



11 Feb 2017

31 Dec 2018


2 years


$1,500 per module

International intensives have different fee structures

This course is designed to equip yoga teachers to become skilful at working with individual health needs using Yoga Therapy. Take your yoga teaching to a new level so that you can conduct intake interviews, client assessments, find and understand research relevant to your clients, create yoga therapy management plans, and deliver yoga therapy in a variety of settings. Living Yoga Therapy graduates have been able to deliver yoga therapy in cancer centres, hospitals, palliative care units, rehabilitation centres, allied health clinics, private practice and yoga studios.

Course Structure

The course is structured in six modules for flexible delivery. Modules 1 and 2 are delivered as either 6 weekend workshops OR a ten day intensive called Living Yoga Therapy Foundational Training. This is your starting point and provides a deep insight into the theory and practice of yoga therapy.

Trainees who wish to continue to gain experience, training hours and move towards accreditation readiness can undertake Module 3 which is a fully online mentoring practicum. The Advanced Clinical Yoga Therapy training consists of Modules 4 and 5 and are also delivered as the fifteen day Advanced Clinical Yoga Therapy intensive OR eight weekend workshops. Module 6 is the culmination of all theoretical and practical training and is delivered fully online.

1: Mind Body Wellness

Feb 11,12,18,19,25

and 26, 2017 in Perth

LYT Foundational Training

(Mod 1 and 2)

Nov 19 – 28, 2016 in

Hong Kong

Module 2: Applied Anatomy and Physiology

April 1,2,8,9,29

and 30, 2017 in Perth 

Module 3: Mentoring

& Practicum 1

Flexible 6mths

Module 3: Mentoring

Flexible 6 mths

Module 4: Yoga Therapy in Chronic Diseases

Feb 24,25,March 10,11,24 and

25, 2018 in Perth

LYT Advanced Clinical Yoga Therapy

(Mod 4 and 5)

Oct 27 - Nov 10, 2017  Hong Kong

Module 5: Therapeutic Sadhana

May 5,6,19,20,

June 9 and 10,

2018 in Perth

Module 6: Mentoring & Practicum Advanced

Flexible 6 mths

Module 6: Mentoring Advanced

Flexible 6mths

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