Smart Yoga - Applying the Alexander Technique to Yoga Practice

Smart Yoga

Mebourne Yoga Centre/School for F.M. Alexander Studies

Mebourne Yoga Centre/School for F.M. Alexander Studies



02 Feb 2022

13 Dec 2022


32 online sessions on Wednesday mornings for 90 minutes


$500 per 8 week module - $2,00

Payable per full module or half module

A full prospectus for the course can be accessed HERE.

If you enrol in this course you will be joining an international group of teachers, many with considerable teaching experience in yoga and/or the Alexander technique.

Here is an overall review of the couse provided to us by one of the  graduates of the 2020 - 2021 course.

 Smart Yoga Training Review

Course Philosophy: To enable yoga and the benefits of practising yoga to be accessible to all, not just for those who are very flexible.  To ensure the safe practice of Yoga without injury. This has achieved by underpinning the Asanas with Alexander Technique and modifying them to meet individual needs.

Course content:

Mostly a practical class with opportunity to experiment and share work under the guidance of two inspirational teachers, both experts, in Yoga and Alexander technique: David Moore and Caroline Blackshaw.   In addition to a regular weekly class, a comprehensive series of videos supporting learning accompany the 4 modules and are provided on a learning platform called “Thinkific”.  Comprehensive resources and booklists provided giving plenty of opportunity provided to explore the philosophies and history of yoga, should you wish to research more in depth.   Further links and information are provided regularly for study linked to each session.

 Each weekly session is recorded and shared with course members, for review in their own time.

Opportunities and provided to buddy with other course members, for discussion, practice of asanas and to share learning.

One Assessment per module enabling course members to reflect on their learning: 2 reflective accounts following observation of yoga classes; 2 videoed sessions of teaching online, giving feedback to the learner and then reflecting on own practice. All are reviewed by the teachers and constructive feedback given.

The Smart Yoga training has all helped me by:

  • Improving personal fitness, strength and mobility.
  • Developing better understanding of the anatomy of the body in movement and mapping the body,
  • Improving observational skills for assessing clients and providing feedback
  • Improving skills in assisting clients with a range of issues, including knee, hips, scoliosis and hypermobility.
  • Providing strategies for expectant Mums managing their body during pregnancy.
  • Providing opportunities that meets individual needs,
  • Practising sequencing and teaching smart yoga to Alexander Technique clients, both adults and children
  •  Enabling me to make new lasting friendships with buddies who wish to continue practising post course
  • Providing helpful and supportive feedback and individualised advice to meet my needs (from both teachers )

For a small extra cost I have had the ability (separate from the course)

  • to join regular yoga classes every week run by David and Caroline for general practice
  • ability to have 1-1 lessons with Caroline

both of which help reinforce learning and continue to do so.

 Kay Cady August 2021

 As an Alexander Technique teacher, but a novice Yoga practitioner, I  have learned so much this year!  The course has been well organised and professionally run, by a team of friendly , supportive teachers.   This is just the start of my Smart Yoga journey which I hope I will develop and expand. over many years to come.  I thoroughly recommend this training to all Yoga teachers and Alexander Technique teachers.  Despite the Pandemic, this will be remembered as an n exciting and inspirational year in my life.


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