The Yoga Social Pre-Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training

Pregnancy (Ante-natal, Prenatal and Pregnancy yoga), Postnatal,

The Yoga Social

The Yoga Social



14 Sep 2019

29 Sep 2019


50 hours


$600 - $800

No payment plans.

The Yoga Social presents:
50hr Pre-Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training​ - For already qualified Yoga teachers. 

Do you want to teach prenatal yoga? Do you want to learn more about modifications and stages of pregnancy, so your pregnant students can get the most out of their yoga practice? This is the course for you :) 

Registered with Yoga Australia.

Over 2 weekends - 14th, 15th September and 28th, 29th September 2019. 

@ The Yoga Centre
51 Gilbert St
Adelaide 5000 

Saturdays 12pm - 8pm
​Sundays 12pm - 8pm 


Early Bird - Before 14th July - $600 (includes $100 non-refundable deposit paid separately) 
Full Payment - After 14th July - $800 (includes $100 non-refundable deposit paid separately)

Movement and Breath
learn to skilfully and intelligently approach the following Yoga techniques: 

  • Asana - a combination of flow,  static,  strength and restorative poses to give our pregnant students everything they need to prepare them not only for birth, but also for the months after giving birth. 
  • Pranayama - teachers will learn breathing exercises which help to decrease stress, calm the mind, improve sleep and increase energy. 


  • Teachers will learn what happens to the female body anatomically and physiologically when pregnant. 
  • Each trimester will be discussed including the common changes and common experiences throughout each stage. 


  • Teachers will be taught how to create a safe space for women regardless of where they are in their pregnancy or level of fitness.
  • Teachers will also be shown how to use props and how to modify poses for the different stages of pregnancy.  

Philosophy and Wellness 

  • The Yoga Sutras and how we can apply this to change, family, love, community and birth. 
  • Meditation and relaxation - in this super important lecture, teachers will learn different techniques to relax and let go. 

Post Natal Training 

  • We will go through the common experiences associated with women who have recently given birth, and the physiological changes to the body after giving birth.
  • Teachers will also be taken through a series of postures and yoga exercises which can be given to women postnatal and will be given the chance to sequence a post natal yoga class. 

Practice teaching 

  • Teachers will get a chance to practice teach throughout the weekend and observe others. 


  • All teachers will be required to do homework between each weekend (preparing a class) and sit a short exam in order to receive certification. 

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