Yoga Teacher Training- 350 Hour Foundations

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Academy of Yoga Learning

Academy of Yoga Learning



10 Feb 2018

17 Nov 2018


12 Months Part Time




Academy of Yoga Learning in Melbourne is a specialist educational institute for yoga teacher training. We offer a nationally recognised course in yoga teaching, as well as continuing professional development for yoga teachers.

Some students choose us because they wish to deepen their personal yoga practice and explore philosophy, pranayama and meditation far more comprehensively than is possible within a typical yoga studio. Others are looking for a change in career, or seeking an additional, recognised qualification to complement their current health qualifications.

Regardless of why you are called to do yoga teacher training, our teaching faculty of experienced and diverse teachers and therapists support each student in this personal journey of self-knowledge.

Students participate in a range of subjects to enable the knowledge and skills required for professional yoga teachers, in the most common yoga styles, in a safe manner for students from a variety of age groups hailing from different backgrounds.

We cover 12 main areas of study:

  1. Apply history and philosophy of yoga to teaching practice
  2. Apply yogic physiology to yoga teaching
  3. Apply knowledge of physiology and anatomy to yoga teaching
  4. Teach asana
  5. Teach relaxation in a yoga context
  6. Teach pranayama
  7. Teach meditation in a yoga context
  8. Design and develop yoga classes
  9. Plan, organise and deliver group based learning
  10. Undertake professional reflection
  11. Undertake small business planning
  12. Provide first aid

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