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The Australasian Yoga Institute



01 Dec 2015

01 Dec 2015


average time to complete is 18 months - can be done more quickly or slowly


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YOGA FIRST Home Study Yoga systems are powerful, comprehensive 12 to 18 month courses (maybe longer depending on personal circumstances, and depending on how fast you would like to progress). They are designed to teach the skills for success as a Yoga teacher and in the business of Yoga, reflecting in success in your personal life. We assure you optimal personal growth and confidence along the way.


Unlike most Yoga Teacher training, it concentrates not only on the “how to” skills, rather it seeks to create a “want to” motivational environment in which there is a strong emphasis on the ability to think independently and learn from your prior experience. The RYTA 350 hour course has been offered as a Home Study program since 1976. You work at your own pace with support and assistance available.

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