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Zenergy Yoga

Zenergy Yoga



26 Feb 2019

06 Dec 2020


50 Hours over 2 weekends


Foundation Course $795, EB: $6

$200 Early bird savings available

2019 & 2020 COURSES TAKING PLACE in:


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Discover the privilege and opportunity of touching the lives and making a difference for children. The Zenergy Curriculum consisting of the Foundation and Advanced Courses will provide you the skills, tools and knowledge to be an effective and engaging Yoga Teacher for Children and Teens.

At these courses you will learn: All the components that make up a great children’s yoga class (movements, specific exercises, meditations, relaxations and much much more!) The skills to be a good, engaging and inspiring yoga teacher (designing, planning and structuring great classes, focusing on aims & outcomes, being flexible & adaptable, establishing boundaries and rules, adding variety, delivering with passion & enthusiasm, varying pace & tone, utilising positive reinforcement.) Teaching and designing classes that leave each and every child feeling happy, empowered, and believing in themselves.

Comprehensive and complete, these courses are designed and delivered by international children’s yoga expert, Loraine Rushton. The Zenergy kids teacher training courses were developed with nearly 20 years of experience and over 10,000 hours of classroom time, teaching 1,000s of children of all ages.

BENEFITS OF ATTENDING FOUNDATION COURSE: The Zenergy Kids Teacher Training Program will:

*Define the current needs of children today and how to meet them in your yoga class

*Show you what a Children’s Yoga class looks like

*Explore why and how teaching children’s classes are different than adults

*Train you to teach and structure classes for 4 separate and distinct age groups, 3-4, 5-8, 9-13, 13-17

*Give you the confidence to deliver an effective children’s yoga class

*Receive a lesson planning model and templates for preparing lesson plans for each of the age groups

*Provide you with 100s of classroom ideas

*Teach you the top tips that make a big difference for teaching yoga to children

*Give you an understanding of the mental, emotional, and physical stages of development for children

*Provide you with the classroom management skills necessary for teaching children of different ages

*Show you how to manage and deal effectively with classroom situations that arise when teaching children

*Provide a list of invaluable resources for class planning and ideas

*Teach you how to connect with and make a difference to the lives of children

*Provide you with a support network of like-minded teachers

*Be meaningful, educational, and FUN!



Take your teaching to the next level in the Advanced Course. Do you want to teach in schools, Pre-Schools, Day care Centers, Before/After School Programs, or Vacation Care? The Advanced Course is absolutely essential for teaching in these environments. LEARN TO DESIGN, DEVELOP, & DELIVER YOUR VERY OWN YOGA FOR KIDS COURSE THAT WILL CAPTIVATE, EDUCATE, and ENGAGE ANY AGE GROUP

Now that you have completed the Foundation Course, you have set the groundwork that is required to learn the skills required to build, design and teach the yoga programs that these groups require.


*Develop the classroom leadership skills to captivate and hold the attention of classes of any age group.

*You will be up teaching in the course and receive one-on-one coaching until your delivery will work in a class of children or teens.

*You get the benefit of my 20 years of experience focused on making you a fabulous Children’s Yoga teacher.

*How to alter your teaching style to keep the attention of a class. (Varying your voice, body position and even how the words you choose can make a difference.)

*Advanced classroom management techniques that keep you in control of the class from start to finish.

*How to pre-empt and avoid disruptive behaviour before it even begins.

*Structure, design, and build YOUR OWN course that will last from 5 weeks or longer and make a difference for children on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

*What do you do if your class is looking bored or particularly rowdy or tired?

*You’ll learn to adapt your lesson plans based on the specific needs of the students in your class that day.

*Participate in role plays of real life scenarios that occur when teaching children and you’ll learn the best ways to handle them. *How to handle and take care of children or teens with Special Needs in your classes. (Remember the statistics, you will have them.)

*Learn how to help the child’s structure and organ function by incorporating Yoga Therapy into your classes.

*The step by step sequences to do over a period of weeks to build your students to full body postures such ‘wheel,’ ‘plow,’ ‘fish,’ ‘forward bend,’ ‘camel,’ ‘double leg raises’ and ‘boat.’

*How to deepen and progress children in breathing exercises and relaxations over a series of weeks.


-How to build a strong and healthy back and spine.

-Getting the digestive system working properly.

-Menstrual problems and issues.

-Strong and flexible joints for growing bodies.

Your course registration includes a Zenergy For Kids Teacher Training Manual, A Course Completion Certificate, A CD of Kids Meditations, and access to Loraine’s Yoga For Children DVD. Fully qualified yoga teachers who complete both the Foundation & Advanced Courses will be recognised as registered Children’s Yoga Teachers by Yoga Australia.

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