Agnieszka Maminska- Gray


Registered Level 1 Teacher


Registered Level 1 Teacher

Member No: 5871


Agnieszka Maminska- Gray

Valkyrie Crescent, Ringwood, VIC, 3134


Location Class Days Time
Valkyrie Crescent, Ringwood 0421 727 956 General Hatha (Gita style) Tuesday and Sunday Tuesday 6pm and Sunday 8:45-9:45am
Valkyrie Crescent, Ringwood 0421 727 956 Kids and Family Yoga Saturday 9.30-10.30am

what people are saying about Agnieszka Maminska- Gray

Shannon Nicole

What an AMAZING morning we had! As a yoga beginner I am experiencing the holistic (mind, body, heart) benefits of yoga for myself. As an educator and a mum, I know that yoga is an amazing medium for supporting physical health and development, stimulating the mind through focus, imagination and creativity and caring for the emotions through engaging teamwork, breathing and relaxation. Thank you Agnieszka and Jantar Yoga for giving this to our children. Cannot recommend highly enough! xx

Leigh Gray

Every kid loves sand, surfing and coconuts!! Another awesome class had all the kids wishing the class would have lasted longer.... Whats the next big destination for next week I wonder??? I know our girls cant wait!!

Devika Dilip‎

I am really happy that you started this beautiful Yoga space. Getting to know the beautiful,kind human being in you has been life-changing for me. Now your Yoga Place, the place is so full of life and vibrant energy. Every time I get to practice yoga with you, I feel so connected with myself. You are incredible Agni.Everything is so genuine and authentic about you. Your deeper understanding of yoga postures, your passion to make yoga a way of living and your beautiful energy..everything is so genuine and beautiful !!! I look forward to learning and growing as a person from you.

Susan Ramirez Nguyen‎

Felt fantastic after the class. The teacher Aga took great care showing me and making sure my position and posture were right which helped me get the most out of the class and to also use the stretches in my everyday activities.

Thank you Agnieszka, Zara had another fun class with you and I know now just how beneficial it is for her. What you do supports her physical well-being through movement; stretching and strengthening in therapeutic poses and postures. Helps her mind, through team work, providing opportunities for developing imagination and creativity, and looks after her emotional well-being through relaxation, breathing, and a wonderful nurturing environment that fosters positive relationships and self-confidence. Again thank you! If anyone has been wondering about kids yoga for their child....come along and give it a try!

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