Alana Gregory

Kalarippayat, Uzichil Treatment & Physical Therapy, Yoga, Ayurveda, Mindfulness

Registered Level 2 Teacher


Registered Level 2 Teacher

Member No: 4662


Alana’s background is in environmental science, Yoga, martial art, mindfulness, and their underlying philosophies. A dedication to studying concepts of harmony and nature through traditional and modern sciences came about due to life’s challenges, and the desire to face difficulty and live peacefully with herself and others.

Alana now travels between India and Australia continuing to study and teach the philosophies and practices which her teachers share with her. She is an advocate for a holistic approach to life and health ( Soul Strong Society) and is involved in a number of ongoing community health and arts projects.

Through Kalari Australia, Alana hopes to pass on the knowledge which has been shared with her in a way that respects Kalarippayat (traditional martial-hatha-yoga from Southern India) as an art form capable of connecting us to our true nature, to each other and to the world around us.


  • -Bachelor of Ecotourism (Science-based degree), Flinders University - AUSTRALIA
  • -Ayurvedic, Kalarippayat practice & treatment, Pranayama, Vipassana meditation studies - INDIA / USA
  • -Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher Training (Level 1) / Mindfulness in Schools / Mindful Self Care Programs / Wellness Coaching – AUSTRALIA.
  • -Registered Level 2 Yoga Instructor (Yoga Australia) - Yandara Yoga Institute MEXICO

Alana has studied Kalarippayat under the following teachers:

  • -Gurukkal C.M Sherif, Kerala Kalarippayattu Academy, Kannur, Kerala, INDIA
  • -Gurukkal Madhu Pudduppanam, Kadathanad K.P.C.G.M Kalari Sangham
    Calicut, Kerala, INDIA
  • -Gurukkal Aswin & Mereena: Dakshina Bharata Kalari, Kochi, Kerala, INDIA
  • -Gurukkal Lakshmanan: Hindustan Kalari Sangam, Puthiyara, Kerala, INDIA

Professional Associations:

  • -Yoga Australia (Registered Level 2)
  • -Kalarippayat: Martial Arts Australia
  • -Kalari Therapy: International Institute for Complimentary Therapies
  • -Mindfulness Based Interventions: Mindfulness Teachers Network of South Australia

Private Kalarippayat Training

+61 404 271 960
4/14 Grenfell St, Adelaide, SA, 5000

Kalarippayat Training INDIA

Udaya Rising Sun Kalari Sangham, Chombala, British Indian Ocean Territory, 673308

Kalari Physical Therapy & Treatment

0404 271 960
Address on inquiry, Bowden, SA, 5007

"Slowly you renew yourself, you are regenerating yourself. You are conscious of the flow of blood, flow of breath, taste of water and the feel of air after movement. Your whole body is vibrant. The body can be reclaimed as a source of energy and strength."

Chandralekha - Kalarippayat & Indian Classical dance student, teacher, and choreographer

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