Alison Verbruggen

Hatha and Shanti Yoga, Mentor

Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher


Senior Hatha and Shanti Yoga Teacher Alison has been teaching for over 25 years. Her background as a Health Educator, Naturopath and Kinesiologist brings a depth of knowledge and understanding of the body and mind to each class. Alison's classes are relaxed and nurturing while physically challenging. Special attention is given to breathing practices and the regulation of breath to improve various physical and stress related conditions. Guided meditations are deeply relaxing and healing.

Alison holds Meditation classes and seasonal retreats.

Currently Chair person for Yoga Australia Mentoring Working Party and member since 2018.

Registered Mentor with Yoga Australia and Registered  educator with Qld College of Teachers.

Soul Therapy,

Worley Drive, Gilston, Nerang, QLD, 4211

Soul Therapy, Paradise Point Progress Association Hall

Community Lane, Paradise Point, QLD, 4216


Location Class Days Time
Zoom Guided Meditation Thursday 7pm

"The Word Yoga can be defined as 'union'. It is the ancient science for living that unites and brings into balance three fundamental needs for a contented human life, namely * the physical need for health (body) * the psychological need for knowledge a"

Shanti Gowans: Hatha Yoga for mind body and spirit. Inner Peace Publications

what people are saying about Alison Verbruggen

B. Sternberg, Byron Bay

In relation Soul Therapy Guided Meditation CDs An insightful way to encourage the individual to search with in themselves for wisdom and direction rather rely on external sources.

B. Carpenter, Gold Coast

In relation to Soul Therapy Guided Meditation CDS "I find the combination of Alison's soulful voice and thoughtful words on her CDs fully evocative of her wonderful meditation classes. I would like to highly recommend these CDs to anyone seeking a connection with a more wholistic way of life."

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