Amanda Owen

Viniyoga and yoga therapy tailored to the individual, Vedic chant, Sanskrit.

Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher

Member No: 5914


what people are saying about Amanda Owen

Amanda H

Thank you for your yoga teaching over the past few years, it was a big support whilst I was ill and recovering, and for deepening my understanding of yoga practice through the course and our one to one sessions. I know it is something that will always be part of my life now.


Following a burnout from work, with strong continuous tension headhaches, I started practising yoga with Amanda. She really helped me tremendously in the recovery process by tailoring a bespoke practice for my case. She is an excellent yoga teacher, very patient and very open to make the practice that will suit you best. Not only, she helped me recovering, but what she taught me have an incredible possitive impact on many other aspects of my life. I recommand her highly.

Kate S

For 3 years I have enjoyed having personalised yoga therapy with Amanda. Each time I see her she checks my pulse, asks how I have been feeling, wants to know how my body is, weaknesses strengths and all. She wants to know how my mood has been ( I have some depressive tendencies), how the last practice has gone ( which I do daily at her suggestion). Then, as we talk she devises a new practice, according to the above and including any extras that I would like. For instance I play golf and as I get older Im working on my strength; also I have MS and if its been a difficult time for me she may give me a gentler practice. I have always felt I was in the hands of an experienced and caring professional.

Janet T

Amanda is a vital, well balanced and stimulating person; stable, reliable, self-disciplined and punctual. I couldn't imagine time without her.

Jules C

A friend recommended the NLBC to me and I was drawn to Amanda's class, 'Gentle Yoga'. I was immediately struck by Amanda's friendly, knowledgeable, caring and enthusiastic approach. I quickly became a regular member of this Thursday morning drop in class. Thus began a long and fruitful student/teacher relationship in yoga that has enriched my life. After a few weeks in class I was keen to advance my practice so I asked Amanda if we could do some one-to-one sessions. Our first session was September 10th 2013. From that date until Amanda left the UK we met 5 or 6 times a year to assess my progress and devise a new daily practice. These 1-2-1 sessions were always full of encouragement, challenge, a deeper understanding of yoga and much joy. I was keen to know more about yoga so when Amanda offered her 'Yoga Foundation Course' starting September 2015 I signed up immediately. I was sure from our 1-2-1 sessions and NLBC classes that the course would enhance my understanding of the essence of yoga as a life practice and philosophy, as well as a unique physical discipline. I was not disappointed. The course covered so many different aspects of yoga: meditation; asana; pranayama; chanting and yoga history and philosophy. It was well structured and entirely absorbing and enlightening. Amanda is a reflective, intelligent and conscientious teacher with an ethical approach to learning and teaching. These qualities, combined with an excellent knowledge of the subject, and a student centred approach, ensured that this was a wonderful learning experience for all of us.

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