Beverly McCulloch

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Registered Level 2 Teacher


Registered Level 2 Teacher

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Beverly McCulloch is the founder of Healing Heart Yoga, teaching small group yoga classes in the tradition of Sri T Krishnamacharya, and also Yoga Therapy, applying yoga to suit the specific needs of each individual.

Yoga classes focus on linking movement with breath, respecting function over form. Classes also weave philosophy to link Yoga and life on and off the mat.

Classes are currently held in various locations in the Old Bar, Taree (NSW) and surrounding areas.

Beverly formerly taught yoga in the Melbourne CBD and surrounding areas for corporates, small businesses, community groups and also private one-on-one tuition.

The yoga postures (asanas) are supported by breath and practiced with a goal in mind that meets the needs of the student. The support of breath with movement assists in the function of the movements and linking body, breath and mind.

Each yoga practice can be modified or adapted to suit varying conditions, whether physically, mentally, emotionally, seasonal, or needs at specific times and making sure the practice is suitable and safe for each individual whatever their age, ability or otherwise.

Beverly simply loves living yoga and being able to share yoga through individual and group classes. She also relishes being a student and continually studies to learn more to pass on to her students and for her own self. 

A practitioner for 20 years and teaching since late 2008, over this time Beverly has personally experienced tremendous benefits from her yoga practice. Initially attending classes to have a physical exercise, to stretch and strengthen her body but with time, her connection with yoga deepened and surpassed the physical where she knew yoga would always be her life.

About me

I don't have a 'story' as such how yoga has healed me but what has happened is that over time, the practices started to subtly change some of my behaviours/patterns (samskaras) - for the better - and then I began to enjoy not just the physical benefits (because I've remained remarkably healthy) but also the positive changes to other layers of my being and gaining confidence and self-belief to move on to achieving things I didn't even contemplate I could do.

Along the way I've accumulated experience and knowledge through a myriad of studies in Australia and India. I have an Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching following a two year teaching training course with the Australian Institute of Yoga at the CAE, Melbourne and am also a certified teacher in the tradition of Krishnamacharya.  I also completed studies in Yoga Therapy in Chennai, India in July 2014 in the same tradition.

My ongoing studies include exploration of the different tools of yoga including asana (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, relaxation, philosophy and the ancient art of vedic chanting.

Healing Heart Yoga

34A Eric Street , Taree, NSW, 2430

Healing Heart Yoga

0414 499 438
1 David Street, Old Bar, NSW, 2430


Location Class Days Time
34a Eric Street, Taree Monday Morning Vinyasa Monday 6.30am - 7.45am
Old Bar Soldiers Memorial Hall, 1 Hall Street, Old Bar NSW 2430 Casual - Asana & Pranayama Tuesday 10am - 11am
Old Bar Soldiers Memorial Hall, 1 Hall Street, Old Bar NSW 2430 LED Yoga Tuesday 6pm - 7pm
34A Eric Street, Taree NSW 2430 Foundations of Yoga - Beginners Wednesday 5.30pm - 6.45pm
34a Eric Street, Taree NSW 2430 Body Breath & Mind Thursday 6pm - 7.15pm
34a Eric Street, Taree NSW 2340 Body Breath Mind Mondays 5.45pm - 7pm
34a Eric Street, Taree NSW 2340 Wake Up To Yoga! Friday 6.30am - 7.45am
34a Eric Street, Taree NSW 2340 The Sunday Yoga Series Sunday 4pm - 5.15pm

"I don't want to find myself dying, only to find that I have not lived."

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