Catherine London

Viniyoga, Yoga Therapy

Registered Level 1 Teacher


Registered Level 1 Teacher

Member No: 6110



My introduction to yoga was in 1995 and I have been an avid student ever since. I have a consistent yoga and meditation home practice that has proven to be the most wonderful asset in navigating life’s twists and turns.

In the spirit of yoga I would like to share the knowledge and experience so generously given by my teachers.

I am trained as a Yoga teacher and Yoga therapist, in the tradition of Sri T Krishnamacarya, and am committed to teaching to a student’s specific needs. This tradition has a strong emphasis on the breath and the application of carefully considered practices designed for the individual. I believe yoga taught in this way can benefit everyone regardless of ability or age.

If you would like to find out how yoga can benefit you please contact me for a chat.

I am located in West End Brisbane

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