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Chanting, General, Meditation, Hatha

Registered Level 2 Teacher


Registered Level 2 Teacher

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Dan Alder

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Welcome, I am Dan Alder. I am owner and principal teacher of The Yoga Den: West End Yoga Studio. I have a boundless enthusiasm and passion for yoga and self exploration. 

My teachers, although having had great teachers themselves, teach from their own inner wisdom and experience. In kind, I have not subscribed to any one discipline of yoga. It is my belief that yoga is a personal journey, and that yoga should fit the people – not the other way around. I believe all yoga is good yoga, so with experimentation and with an open mind and heart, we will blossom into our own best teachers.

I teach beginners, general (intermediate) and private classes. I encourage my students to explore themselves physically and psychologically. My goal as a teacher is this; I hope to help you open up to the most amazing thing in the world – you.




2014 - The rolling stone gathers no moss...

  • 2013 was an amazing year of learning and teaching.  Teacher training with Kate was full of "getting back to basics" for my teaching and my practice.   Our teacher training filled to capacity of 23 students, all of whom completed the course or will do so in 2014 - no drop outs!!!
  • 2014 teacher training is again filled to capacity and I have no doubt our students will blossom with wisdom and love throughout the year.
  • Daily classes continue to provide a great routine and keeps me connected to all the great people who are regulars to my classes.  So much gratitude for being able to share my yoga with you all.
  • My personal practice is more fulfilling than ever, I'm using more pranayama and finding more subtleties to connect with...  LOVING back bends (oh, how times change!)
  • Guest teacher at Yogafest 2014


2013 – The Yoga Den Teacher Training

 I am again studying under the amazing Kate Pell and assisting her in Teacher Training. 

  • Guest teacher at yogafest 2013
  • The Yoga Den is continuing to be a great place to practice ;-)
  • Personal practice is evolving in all kinds of wonderful ways!


2012 – The Yoga Den

  •  Guest teacher Yogafest 2012
  • Guest teacher Yoga Aid 2012
  • Second year of full time teaching is great.  The studio continues to thrive and attract diverse and beautiful students. 
  • Continuing to love and develop my own practice.


 2011 – The Yoga Den

  • I became owner and principle teacher of The Yoga Den – West End Yoga Studio.
  • Guest teacher at Yogafest 2011.


2010 – Yoga Presence Teacher Training – 497 hrs

  • Senior First Aid certificate.
  • Yoga Presence Teacher Training is my recognised certification to teach yoga.
  • My teachers for this training were the amazing Kate Pell and Zara Matthews.


2009 – Mentoring program with Andrew Davies – 120 hrs over 9 months.

  • Andrew Davies has spent the majority of his yoga career in Saudi Arabia. and has studied with some of the finest teachers in the world over his 20+ year yoga practice, and has been teaching for over 15 years. Andy came back to Australia to work on a Doctorate at USQ, his work resulting as a valuable resource for senior yoga teacher educators.
  • Over these 9 months of private tuition and mentorship Andy opened my eyes and mind to the endless possibilities of yoga.  I was already on the path, but Andy made the path more stable and easier to see.


2008 – Commitment to daily practice.

  • In 2008 I became dedicated to daily asana practice. During this year I also began to dedicate myself to other practices of yoga such as the yamas and niyamas.
  • Yoga philosophy and TCM became interests of mine.
  • Prior to 2008 yoga was an intermittent part of my life.


The Yoga Den - West End Yoga Studio

43 Vulture St, West End, QLD, 4101, Australia

"It's not about changing...it's about accepting ;-)"

A wise man...

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