Debby Badger

Yoga of Krishnamacharya + Vedic Chanting teacher

Registered Level 2 Teacher


Registered Level 2 Teacher

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As a student of yoga for twenty years, and a yoga teacher since 2009, Vedic Chanting is now an important part of my daily practice. The importance of chanting became evident to me through the teachings of yoga in the tradition of Krishnamacharya.  Sri TKV Desikachar was a student of his father, Professor T Krishnamacharya, for more than thirty years and brought chanting to millions of students throughout the world for health and healing. My teachers, Barbara Brian and Radha Sundararajan, have been long term students of Sri TKV Desikachar, and his influence has been passed on to me through them.

I am dedicated to teaching Vedic Chanting and want to guide others on the journey of learning to chant.  I seek to gently encourage students to be comfortable with sound and to experience the healing benefits of chanting. I am a passionate believer in the benefits of Vedic Chanting and bring to my teaching a deep understanding and faith in the capacity of human beings to grow and change. I am committed to continuing this tradition as it has been passed on from teacher to student for generations through oral transmission.

Debby Badger

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336 New Street, Brighton, VIC, 3186

"'To share chanting is to share an experience of silence through listening, a process of healing, and a link with nature, the deeper self and the divine.' "

Sri TKV Desikachar

what people are saying about Debby Badger

Dr McComas Taylor, SFHEA, Associate Professor, Reader in Sanskrit ANU College of Asia and the Pacific

Debby is a born teacher. Her happy, confident disposition illuminates everything she does, and she instantly connects with her students. From my very first class with Debby I noticed an improvement in my breathing technique.

Di Betts, Yoga Student

I have been going to Debby Badgers yoga classes for at least 9-10years. I love going as she gives clear concise instruction in a very nurturing environment. I had my left hip replaced 8 years ago and Debby has helped me enormously from that time until now. Although I have severe arthritis in my knees Debby has me doing all the poses the others do - but sometimes adapted to my needs. I appreciate her passion and knowledge for yoga - it is infectious. I love her classes and hate it when I have to miss one.

Clare Larman, Writer and Performer, Melbourne, Victoria

I attended a workshop that Debby ran one afternoon in a beautiful garden about a year ago, and the energy and atmosphere resonated really powerfully with me..THEN we started chanting!!.. and I knew I had to sign up for Debbys classes. I feel very grounded when I attend, love the fact that Im learning an ancient language, find time as often as I can to chant in the morning, and find myself randomly chanting now familiar phrases throughout the day! Thanks for offering this opportunity to expand.

Fiona Second, Yoga Student

I started Yoga many years ago in a commercial gym and really did not benefit from the large impersonal classes. However that all changed when I started up with Debby in February 2016 and I have not looked back. Not only is Debby incredibly knowledgeable, she is an excellent teacher instilling a deep love of yoga with her skill and passion. Yoga has changed my life for the better thanks to Debby.

Mary Hawkins, Yoga Student

Debby Badger has been my yoga teacher for the past 7 years. Her sessions are held in a spotlessly clean, airy and calming environment. She is well versed in yoga instructions and her clear gentle voice makes for a wonderfully uplifting experience. I would thoroughly recommend Debby to any of my friends.

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