Elaine Ashurst

Hatha Vinyasa

Registered Level 1 Teacher


Registered Level 1 Teacher

Member No: 8000


In 2015 my life changed dramatically as I finally succumbed to depression and anxiety and I spent time in hospital and I felt there was no way back. After being discharged a very wise occupational therapist suggested Yoga. I was definitely not keen and after going to one class decided it wasn't for me! Several months later I was still struggling to get my life back on track so I dared to try again! At a local dance studio classes were being held. So in a room painted with dancers and street art I met a teacher who introduced me to a practise that was so welcoming and accessible that I carried on going. She opened a studio and I followed! I was given the opportunity to volunteer back at the hospital and I knew I wanted to be able to share my experience and give hope of recovery to the current patients so I began volunteering. With the help of a friend who was a Yoga Teacher  we started a recovery group at the weekend, the first weekend volunteer run group, providing beginners Yoga and an opportunity to chat and share life experiences. The group was well received and patients feedback was so positive. So when my friend completed her degree and moved on, I began to facilitate the group drawing on my own practise to share beginners yoga. After travelling to India in 2019 with my studio I knew I wanted to learn more and have the opportunity to share my experiences further into the community. So now after an amazing 18 months of training I am here fully qualified and ready. I run a community class once a week and my passion is to introduce Yoga to those who are a little unsure, just like I was, to share how using your breath can help reduce anxiety and stress, to create a safe and welcoming space to just be x

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