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Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher

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THE FINE PRINT! YogaPlex combines the particulates of Yoga meaning Union (of Body, Mind & Spirit or merging the individual with the Universal consciousness) & Plexus, the central hub of an interconnecting network. Yoga concerns itself with the movement & manipulation of energy in the human frame in a wholistic way & as such is a science with spiritual affiliations. Unlike other activities, there are no mindless repetitions nor building bulk in specific parts of the body, both physical (asana) & mental (pranayama or breathing & meditation) activities are done with full awareness in order to enhance consciousness that spills over into everyday life as well. George Neo, YogaPlex?s principal with 10 years experience of Gita Iyengar & Ashtanga Yoga styles & philosophy, maintains that one of the most common misconceptions of Yoga is that flexibility is required to do the practice. In fact the more restrictions one has the greater the scope of benefits. We all start out as beginners so regardless of your condition a class is there for you with follow-up terms leading to intermediate & advanced levels as you grow. Regular practice of Yoga improves circulation & resistance to illness by not only stimulating, massaging & stretching the muscular system, but the organs & glands as well. Strength & flexibility of the spinal column is emphasised contributing to a sense of well-being relieving neck & back problems. Yoga is recognised as one of the most powerful ways to ease stress & tension for both over-active types & those who are tired & lethargic, releasing energy in order to feel totally refreshed & revitalised after an hour?s practice, better able to cope with life?s issues. Dynamic classes: Embodies principles of Iyengar & Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga connecting series of scientifically selected postures with breath into dynamically challenging movement in meditation. Pre-Natal & Mums with Bubs: Physical, emotional & spiritual yoga practice support for pregnancy & motherhood (+babysitting). Gentle/Restorative: Suits beginners, senior, pre-natal or those with special needs, exploding the myth of flexibility in order to do yoga. Also very useful restorative to the Dynamic class, hence the Special Offer that encourages this. For All: Similar to Gentle/Restorative blending tools for meditation, pranayama (breath control), relaxation & spirituality concepts. Yoga for Youth: Nominally 5-17 years, a fun class also open to adults provided they behave themselves & don?t disrupt riotous behaviour. Advanced: By special arrangement for Yoga Practitioners & established students, can include full Ashtanga or other advanced series with greater emphasis on inversions, hand balances, twists, backbends & advanced pranayama & philosophy. Yoga Therapy & One-on-One: Personal attention for virtually all ailments including elderly, disabled or chronic injury, or for enhancing personal progress toward advanced.


03 9752 5838
Magpie House 48 Main Street, Upwey, VIC, 3158

""Not wanting anything is a warrior's finest attainment." Tales of Power adapted p240"

Carlos Castaneda, Tales of Power

what people are saying about George Neofitou

Janine 2006

Brilliant the way you give background info to help understanding to stick!


Very happy to have this facility in Upwey

Jenny 2010

Hi George, thanks for the email. What a great session it was yesterday! I walked out feeling stretched but it wasnt until I woke up this morning and felt a looseness in my spine that I havent felt all year, that I realised how good your yoga is! Yes, a few of my muscles are a bit stiff especially the arms, but in general I felt better. Peter also really liked it he and I are going to have a practice session tonight and see if we can remind each other of what weve each forgotten. I could only remember 4 of the stretches this morning. Great stuff! thank you!

Anne 2006

I like your style of teaching , I find that you explain things patiently & comprehensively step by step, Maybe a little more info whilst we are doing postures about the benefits to particualar chakras & internal organs as well as the actual physical benefits. Thanks George I love the classes

Janie 2011

I really enjoyed the workshop on Sunday and got a lot out of it especially all the Iyengar type limbering and stretches. I am looking forward to your next workshop immensely and will try to bring friends.

Fiona 2006

I think you do a great job!! I like the music. I like the caf next door.

Ella 2011

I attended one of your ashtanga workshops a few months ago you were amazing to watch! Im a recently graduated classical yoga & meditation teacher. Classical style as Im sure you know is quite gentle physically and whilst I love it for what it is, I feel I am ready for a stronger asana practise.

Kathleen 2006

Wonderful classes

Raelene 2006

I enjoy this class very much. Its the first time Ive done yoga & the physical benefits have been immediate. I like being able to try the more difficult postures even though this is a beginner class I find it very relaxing & at the same time its a great workout. I look forward to the class each week.

Jane 2006

Classes are great & I derive positive flexibility, refreshed mental approach & a good nights sleep!

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