Heather Robbins

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Registered Level 1 Teacher


Registered Level 1 Teacher

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“Simple As Pi Yoga” is Heather's creative play on words and a reflection of her fun, light-hearted approach and analytical mind all tied into one. 

Heather offers weekly group and private Yoga Classes that focus on building a sense of strength, flexibility and relaxation. Heather has spent 9 years in training to become a Yoga Teacher and devotes her spare time to continuing training and professional development. She has studied under the best and most respected Yoga Teachers in Western Australia from various styles of Yoga. Heather’s classes are open to all levels and beginners are welcome.

"Every week I write my own yoga sequences. These sequences merge all of these styles of yoga and vary from week to week, offering my students a practice that may support different levels of ability and ages. My focus? Gently building strength and flexibility along with releasing tension and creating a sense of calm. I have a primary focus on the breath and how it instigates the movement in one’s yoga practice."

Heather offers group and private classes with are open to all levels and beginners are welcome.

"I believe combining all levels in one class helps the growth of all students. I love attending my own teacher’s classes alongside women and men twice my age. That to me is what yoga is all about."
Heather is currently studying a 2 year Yoga Therapy Teacher Training with the Wisdom Yoga Institute and aims to complete this by 2022. 

Heather Robbins

Noongar Way, Riverton, WA, 6148


Location Class Days Time
Riverton Pavilion, Noongar Way, Riverton WA (Shares same car park as Riverton Leisurplex) Gentle Therapeutic Yoga Monday morning with The School Term Dates 9:30am -10:45am
Riverton Pavilion, Noongar Way, Riverton WA (Shares same car park as Riverton Leisurplex) Gentle Therapeutic Yoga Friday morning with the School Term dates 9:30am -10:45am

"The success in Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our lives. "

T.K.V. Desikachar

what people are saying about Heather Robbins


With an all bodies and all abilities inclusive environment, Heather teaches an accessible class for all! A really warm and inclusive practice that I would recommend to anyone (and everyone!!) I really enjoy Heathers fun and kind energy and find her teaching to be really easy to follow and well explained. Real time online zoom classes means you can experience a practice together and connection with others whilst from home. I highly recommend yoga with Heather for both newbies and experienced yogis alike


I highly recommend Simple as Pi Yoga! Heather is a fantastic teacher, allowing for different levels from those who have never stepped into a yoga studio before, to those who have had some experience. I love her style and that she helps with suggestions for each posture, giving instructions for those who may be injured or not as flexible or those who are up for pushing themselves a bit more. I probably love the relaxation bit at the end the most, as Heather has introduced us to chanting, meditation techniques, sound bowls and lots of things. Oh, and she also has some equipment people can use, which is ultra handy if you forget something or done.


Such a wonderful teacher! Heather has created the most relaxed, calm, non-judgmental classes held in a beautifully 'tucked away' space. She caters so well for complete beginners right up to the experienced level, suggesting various options with all poses. As a complete beginner I felt so welcomed. Heather even has spare mats and blocks if you just want to dip your toes in and see what it's like. I never feel judged in her classes (everyone there is just so nice!) and Heather goes out of her way to patiently talk you through each pose to ensure you respect what your individual body can do. I travel a fair distance to get to these classes but it is worth it to have these kind of personalised classes with such a friendly teacher. The optional coffee afterwards is lovely too; building a little community! I highly recommend Simple As Pi Yoga.


Wonderfully relaxing yoga class. Incredibly friendly environment and such a lovely teacher. Highly recommended


I have attended two of Heather's classes and I am really surprised about how Yoga can actually be something easy and fun to do on a week day evening. I have been practising on and off during ten years or so and I always encountered teachers and studios that had no patience for beginners, that will not explain the principles of yoga or the basic poses it was simply hit the ground running or else, get lost! With Heather I have found that peaceful space where to practice, learn about Yoga's basics, and truly listen to my body and do what I am able to do on a certain day. I recommend this practice to those that want to reconnect, learn and have a fun time after a full day of work or looking after little kids like myself.


This is a great yoga class. I attended a weekend retreat and had a great time. I came out of it stretched, relaxed and reinvigorated. Heather's coaching style is calm and relaxed, with lots of options for beginners and not so beginners. I will be signing up to the next retreat and only wish I could attend the Friday morning classes.


Simple as Pi is a wonderful yoga environment for everyone. Anyone looking for a small class size, intimate interactions, and a caring personalized teacher, Heather is for you. I came to Heather in a cast after ankle surgery. As a dancer I needed an alternate slow moving physical activity that concentrated on self reflection and gave flexibility in ability. She was able to give me alternative ways of moving on the ground or on a chair, and still have an enjoyable experience. Heather is in tune with her students needs and listens to your concerns. She also sets up a very inviting environment that aids in relaxation and reflection.


I had my first yoga class (ever!) with Heather from Simple As Pi. The sessions are run in a neat space with plenty of room to move around. The class had a strong emphasis on breathing techniques, good posture, and balance by having good grounding with your feet. The class felt intimate as Heather took the time to demonstrate each technique, awareness in breathing, and finding an intuitive comfort in each posture I took. She was proactive in watching my positions and offering ways to bring further stability.


Heather runs classes that suit everyone, and at every level which is so great. Every class is different so its always interesting and youre continually learning. She also has such a wonderful, joyous energy and invests her time and attention with every student, I highly recommend her classes.

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