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Jenny has been featured in training professional development & health & wellbeing days for school teachers & teachers; in bespoke teacher trainings for pre & primary schools: as well as having offered Family Yoga classes at the annual Asia Yoga Conference. Jenny has personally taught over 1,000 hours of children’s yoga, to 100’s of children and teens of all ages and has trained hundreds of teachers from around the world.

Gecko Yoga’s mission is to positively impact the lives of millions of children and teenagers. Jenny believes that yoga provides children of all ages with an unwavering belief in themselves and a strong foundation in a healthy lifestyle which lasts their entire lives. Her passion is to help children be the healthiest they can be and to help children believe in the limitless possibilities life presents, knowing that there is nothing they can’t achieve once they set their minds to it.

Jenny is a certified Yoga Therapist and has lead classes for all ages and abilities.  A passion for making yoga available to everyBODY, her classes are thoughtful, considered, and with focus on wellness for the individuals.  

""Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal. Live this day as if it were your last. The past is over and gone. The future is not guaranteed."

Wayne Dyer

what people are saying about Jenny Smith

Svarna Singh

Thank you so much for being an instrument of change and inspiration in my life. The course was absolutely wonderful, and I'm grateful I had the chance to be a part of it. You're a fantastic teacher, and a true voice of wisdom. I found the course content to flow so intuitively, and the balance between theory and practical was spot-on. The magic that happens when YOU bring together and facilitate people who are passionate about children's yoga just could not have been found anywhere else and that alone is enough reason to know I'd come back to do other courses you might run. Every time I teach a class I go through all the notes for that particular module - and the learning and great memories all come flooding back. So thank you for creating such wonderful resources that aid our learning long after the course is over. Looking forward to reading your first published book one day :-) January 2016 - Svarna Singh - Graduate of Full 95-hr Training

Isabelle Abecassis

The power to go beyond the childrens training, the training has served me in my teaching (meaning academics not yoga) and even in my life. It helped me with my practise to take a different vision of it. Everything was done in a very intelligent way. Thank you again Jenny! December 2015 - Isabelle Abecassis, FISHK Primary Teacher - Graduate of Full 95-hr Training.

Vivian Agethen

This is the second training course I've done with Jenny and she is magnificent once again! Her classes are interactive, engaging, informative, challenging and fun! I had a feeling of bliss, power and joy leaving her classroom each time. The amount of work and time Jenny has put into this training course is amazing. The course materials comprise of a comprehensive training manual, class plans, pose pack and games guide. These information and guides are very well thought through and help us get started as a children's yoga teacher straight away.

Precious Samonte

Everything taught, given & shared has been worth every penny. I have gained a lifetime's worth of knowledge. This training is the best outlet for teachers who are passionate & willing to change the world! Thank you so much Jenny.

Y12 Student

Doing Yoga for sports and leisure was something new and different to me, but after the first session I felt really relaxed and calm, especially at a period of time where I was stressed out about exams. Every lesson was unique with different skill building activities, which made the session really enjoyable. Personally, I really liked the group and paired activities, such as the paired yoga poses and when we had to figure out how to unwind our arms. I enjoyed this a lot, because it was fun and a time for us to bond as friends and peers, and this was also evident as we grew closer as a group after every session. I found myself feeling more connected to the others, as yoga was a time for all of us to reflect about our thoughts and feelings, which was really helpful during the end of the year, when we had our exams. This was one of many reasons why I continued to do yoga in the term after that. Also, what I like was that the Yoga instructor really listen to us, in terms of what we were feeling that day, and she came up with activities that really suited our mood. The session may have been a place to relax, but it was also a place where I could improve on my flexibility and strength, and I learnt a lot about my body. From the 2 terms, I have found a new interest in Yoga, and I can see myself doing it in the future.Theres nothing like an inspirational quote to get readers in the mood. Y12 Student

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