Jessica Jacobi

Vinyasa Yoga


Member No: 2769


Yoga classes with Jessica Jacobi are an eclectic blend of Hatha and Vinyasa Flow styles for absolute beginners and experienced yoga practitioners; with the particular aim of exploring the joy of body movement.

Since very young age, Jessica has been exploring a variety of activities including gymnastics, martial arts, folkloric dances and was formally trained as a classical ballet dancer. Her passion about body movement techniques involved a deep curiosity about physiology, what lead her to pursue a career in life sciences. Born in Mexico, Jessica moved to Australia in 2008 as a neuroscientist. She tries yoga for the first time in 2010, and found it solved old injuries, recovered her fitness, managed the stress of the modern busy life and aided in the process of adaptation to a new country. After one year of yoga self-study, she decides to share her learning by teaching.
Jessica constantly keeps learning yoga and other movement techniques from experienced teachers, adjusting and improving her own yoga style. 

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