Jo White

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Registered Level 2 Teacher


Registered Level 2 Teacher

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Jo teaches Hatha Yoga to all levels to students in the beautiful Macedon Ranges. Day and evening classes are available in Gisborne and Macedon in comfortable and uplifting venues. Jo also teaches classes specifically designed for arthritis.  Jo has been teaching yoga for almost 18 years now and has reached Yoga Australia Level 2 status, which reflects her teaching experience and knowledge. 

Jo has a vast interest in the remedial and healing benefits of yoga and has an excellent working relationship with Doctors and Physiotherapists in the Macedon Ranges allowing for cross referrals.  All levels of age and fitness ability are welcomed to her classes.  Jo is also a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Jo keeps a very open mind and constantly upgrades her skills with further studies exploring all Yoga traditions, (and other modalities including pilates) allowing her to draw from a vast range of other's expertise.

In 2013 Jo completed her Yoga Therapy Qualification with the Paramanand Institute of Yoga Science and Research Institute in Indore, India


0412 388648
PO Box 191, Mt Macedon, VIC, 3441

"Imagine doing something you love everyday, working in the beautiful surrounds of the Macedon Ranges, teaching like minded people the many wonderful benefits of Yoga while helping them keep their bodies and minds healthy and happy... it does not g"

what people are saying about Jo White

Margaret Blair, severe rheumatoid arthritis, two replacment knees, 1 replacement shoulder

I have been coming for almost a year now and have been delighted with what I find I can do. I can kneel on my artificial knees and put weight on my wrists, two things I thought were over for ever. There are things I cant do eg. straighten my arms but you make it so clear that whatever is possible is worthwhile. It is important to know that the limited yoga I can manage is still of great benefit. My time at yoga is where I celebrate what my body can do in a loving, non competitive and non threatening enviroment. I have more energy, a lot calmer and better able to handle life when things get tough. I think I bounce back more quickly after setbacks altogether pretty terrific!

Susan Curtin

In conjunction with other alternative health practices like physio and massage yoga helps me stay on top of my own health. The added benefit is you make good friends as well!

Sally Allman

Prior to yoga I suffered with chronic pain from osteoarthritis, hips, knees, back, shoulder, hands and feet! The pain was such that my sleep was disturbed. My knees regularly malfunctioned and I would stumble to the ground when walking. Further, I suffered a stroke a few years ago and sometimes resorted to using a walking stick to steady myself. Since yoga the difference is remarkable, good sleep pattern, no stumbling. My treating doctors are as delighted as am I.

Sandra Murray

I know its not really the case but I do feel as though Im a centimeter taller every time I attend your class. After nearly 2 years of gentle but regular yoga I now know that I can weed, spread mulch etc in the garden for a whole morning if I wish because I regularly stop and stretch to admire whats around me. Your classes have made me so much more aware of what I can do to help myself rather than relying on a physiotherapist to fix things. My blood pressure has risen for the first time in years from dangerously low to almost normal and a recent bone density test revealed much improvement in my hips.

Pauline Goodall

Before I started yoga I could not kneel down, or bend my knees completely without severe pain. After 2 years of yoga I have no pain in my knees and my doctor has said that the arthritis in my knees has improved. I can say without any doubt that my core strength has helped me in the last 12 months, when I had emergency surgery and had a wound from my navel to pubic area, and was able to get out of bed unassisted the first day.

Carolyn Jeffries

When I started your gentle yoga class a few years back my shoulders were very stiff and my neck squeaked when I twisted. I am so much more flexible now and the arthritis in my knee does not bother me as much. Improved core strength is also good for my wellbeing. I recently spent 10 nights in the outback and slept on the hard ground with no ill effects.. not bad for a grandma!

Noelle Quinton

I suffer from scoliosis and osteoarthritis in hips, knees and spine. I walked with a limp and was in constant pain. I saw a natropath every two months for remedial massage and visited my chiropractor reguarly. I started yoga two years ago and after 6 months noticed great improvement. My remedial massages dropped to every three months and I now visit the chiropractor very infrequently, just to keep things in alingment. My friends comment on the way I now walk without a limp thinking I have found a magic cure for arthritis, I have not found a cure, but a great helper. .. yoga

Susy Holgate

Over 2 years ago I was a mess, leading up to panic attacks and anxiety that nearly wiped me out. I had terrible vertigo and stress as you are aware I was terrified of any inversion, even lying on the floor, but look at me now. I also meditate regularly.

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