Kate Pell

Raja, Hatha, Bhakti and Jnana Yoga

Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher

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Kate teaches Hatha (movement of energy via asanas and pranayama) Raja (meditation), Jnana (Yogic and Buddhist philosophy) Bhakti (loving kindness to oneself and all of nature) and Karma (Selfless-Service to earth and community) yoga. All of these practices help settle the busy mind and help the heart mind to open. In truth we (and the whole phenomenal/material world) are all made of the same basic formless building blocks of energy/prana. Everything is all in a flux and a flow and therefore nothing can be held or contained. The gift of realisation brings about the ability to free yourself from the mental conditionings that create fear and greed.....you are a free spirit. So release your fears and doubts and laugh out loud at how absurd the mind can become. There is a place in you that is free now and has always and will always be free!

Kates classes are a mixtures or yogasana, meditation, pranayama, philosophy and yoga nidra.


225 Mount Glorious Road , Samford Valley, QLD, 4520

Bowral Yoga Studio

Boolwey , Bowral, NSW, 2576

Capricorn Yoga

18 Oxford , Rockhamton , QLD, 4700


Location Class Days Time
Bowral Yoga Studio Beginners Mondays 10am
Bowral Yoga Sudio Beginners Monday 6pm
Bowral Yoga Studio Meditation & Movement Tuesday 7.30 am
Bowral Yoga Studio Restorative yoga Tuesday 10am
BowralYoga Studio Beginners Tuesday 6pm
Bowral Yoga studio Dynamic Flow Wednesday 7.30 am
Bowral Yoga Studio General yoga Wednesday 10 am
Bowral Yoga Studio Beginners to General Sunday 9am

"Life itself, is already in yoga. Life is yoga. It is the busy/worrisome/fearful/egotistical level of the human mind that gives the illusion of being disconnected. So the practice of re-remembering to anchor the mind into the present moment is the simplest"

Kate Pell

what people are saying about Kate Pell

Megan T 2014

I love that my teachers care. I love that they taught me how to look after the different students and to respect their varied abilities; to be able to modify the practice, so that everyone feels welcomed and comfortable in class. Love that Kate taught to nurture myself throughout the course and my pregnancy,which I handout been able to do in the past. I love that my teachers keep learning and evolving.

Mandy F 2020

Hi Kate I wanted to drop you a line to say how much I have appreciated the yoga sessions you have recently being uploading to you tube. Since moving away from Bowral in 2015 I tried a number of classes in Sydney but none measured up to yours, you have created a unique culture and environment at your studio and I genuinely miss it.

Kay. A. 2015

This training covers all aspects of Yoga. It prepares you for the responsibility of becoming a yoga teacher. Kate's a wonderful practitioner; being in her presence is a delight. I cannot recommend this training more highly.

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