Kate Pell

Raja, Hatha, Bhakti and Jnana Yoga

Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher

Member No: 871


Kate Pell – principal teacher and founder of the Bowral Yoga Studio.

Kate has been exploring the art of Yoga in all seriousness since a journey to India in 1988.

She has studied the art of physical alignment through many years of rigorous Iyengar training, as well as completing Sivananda Yoga and Kundalini teacher with Joy Spencer, contemporary teacher training studies with Donna Farhi and Siddha Yoga studies in the philosophies of Kashmir Shiviasm. She began teaching Yoga in 1998 and it became her full time occupation in 2000. Kate has offered Yoga Teacher Training courses since 2005 due to the insistence of her students.

She has a passionate interest in the body/ heart / mind connections and as such trained to become a Shiatsu therapist in 1991/2.

Kate’s first classes began in the northern suburbs of Melbourne before moving to Brisbane where she opened three studios; having a busy life teaching and training teachers. Kate also began hosting teachers from around the world, including Neeta Datta, Allan Goode, Clive Sheridan, Donna Farhi, Simon Borg-Olivier, Pixie Lilas, Shandor Remete and her two main Iyengar yoga teachers Sue and Peter Scott.

Kate opened the Bowral Yoga Studio in June 2012 and has built the studio into a great place for everyone to come and practice Yoga with love and contentment. Kate is a passionate Vipassana meditation practitioner and will be embarking on honing her skills as a meditation teacher by offering specific classes for meditation at the Bowral Yoga studio.

Kate completed her Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the University of Western Sydney and hopes to incorporate these skills into her teaching. She offers a comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training course (LevelI - 350 hrs) that consists over 310 direct contact hours.

Feel free to contact any time for any questions or queries. 

Bowral YOGA studio

02 48622353
Level 1, 10 Boolwey Street, Bowral, NSW, 2576

Sama Studio

164 Beardy Street , Armidale, NSW, 2350


225 Mount Glorious Road , Samford Valley, QLD, 4520


Location Class Days Time
Bowral Yoga Studio Beginners Mondays 10am
Bowral Yoga Sudio Beginners Monday 6pm
Bowral Yoga Studio Meditation & Movement Tuesday 7.30 am
Bowral Yoga Studio Restorative yoga Tuesday 10am
BowralYoga Studio Beginners Tuesday 6pm
Bowral Yoga studio Dynamic Flow Wednesday 7.30 am
Bowral Yoga Studio General yoga Wednesday 10 am
Bowral Yoga Studio Beginners to General Sunday 9am

""God bless this tiny boat,And me who sails in it. It stays afloat for years and years, And sinks within a minute. And so the soul in which we sail, Unknown by years of thinking. Is surely felt and understood, The minute it is sinking".   "TO BE AWAKE"

Michael Leunig and Kate Pell

what people are saying about Kate Pell

Megan T 2014

I love that my teachers care. I love that they taught me how to look after the different students and to respect their varied abilities; to be able to modify the practice, so that everyone feels welcomed and comfortable in class. Love that Kate taught to nurture myself throughout the course and my pregnancy,which I handout been able to do in the past. I love that my teachers keep learning and evolving.

Laura. C. 2015

There's a good reason why students always come back to Kate.....She just hashes special ability to help students develop and understand the heart. Kate's teachings have helped me live more ease-fully with life. Kate's TT courses will open you more than you could ever have anticipated! It's a beautiful journey and not only will you strengthen your physical body but you'll have the skills to nourish your beautiful being for the rest of your life. I can not recommend her highly enough.

Kay. A. 2015

This training covers all aspects of Yoga. It prepares you for the responsibility of becoming a yoga teacher. Kate's a wonderful practitioner; being in her presence is a delight. I cannot recommend this training more highly.

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