Keith Jacobson

Gentle, Hatha, Seniors, General, Yin, Yoga Therapy

Registered Level 2 Teacher


Registered Level 2 Teacher

Registered Yoga Therapist


Yoga Maya

25 Canning Road, Kalamunda, WA, 6076

what people are saying about Keith Jacobson

Ilene Aveling

TO WHO IT MAY CONCERN I have been attending Keiths yoga classes for over five years or maybe even longer! I started as a beginner and found Keith to be a wonderful, kind, skilled and patient teacher - which encouraged me to keep going as often as I was able. Over the year Keiths confidence grew and he always made the class interesting bringing along new students without compromising the abilities of those more advanced. His repertoire of class content also grew - so there was always something new to learn and try! Keith is an inspiration to us all and a wonderful yoga mentor for me when I struggle to keep up. Kind regards Ilene

Deborah Welsh

To Whom It May Concern I have had the pleasure of attending yoga classes taught by Keith N Jacobson for about 6 years now. I first attended his classes held in Dixon Road, Kalamunda and then at the Town Square Hall, Kalamunda from 2012. I have been encouraged by his calm, warm manner and witnessing his growth as a yoga teacher. The classes have provided an opportunity for me to stretch, strengthen and become more flexible in my body and to bring peace and calm to my mind. Yoga has changed my life! Thankyou Keith.

Helen English

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN My name is Helen English and I have been attending yoga classes most of my adult life...approx 50 years. Since the Winter of 2012, my friend suggested I attend Keith Jacobsons Vinyassa yoga classes once a week and that is what I have done up until now, 30th August 2017. Hopefully I will continue to do Yoga for many years to come as I believe it has enormous benefits for ones health. Keith has conducted his classes in a most professional, organised manner in a number of local venues here in Kalamunda including: the Town Hall in the Village Square, the Jack Healey Centre, the RSL Hall and more recently ... the Yoga Shala Studio in Haynes St, Kalamunda.

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